Year Of Manufacture (YOM) Plates, Ontario Canada.

May 22nd 2003

One afternoon while at work I received a web link to

The site detailed an article on how the MTO had created a program, which allows classic car owners the opportunity to have plates with the year of manufactures of their cars. Translation, if you can find a set of 1968 plates you can run them on your 1968 car.

Ok its not that simple. There are a few key issues to deal with.
You need to find a clean, legal set of plates.
They have to be 30 years old, so that’s starting at 1973.
And last they have to be free and clean. Not in use.
That last one is the key; MTO did not employ any kind of computer system till the late 80’s. This means a lot of 6 digit plates were reused, mostly on trailers.

There are no details about this program on the MTO website, the only way I every found out about it was through the Canadian Driver website. So if you have any questions its best the contact MTO @ 1-800-387-3445.
Finding a good source for plates can be easy enough thanks to eBay. In my own case, I thought had found a really nice set, but after a 1/2 hour on hold with MTO I was told they were in use. So the search continued. I happen to come across another seller with an army of plates. In all I think he had about 10 complete sets, all of them in various states of condition. I called MTO with my list. Only one set came back free and clear not in use.
So I bought them. Not the prettiest things in the world, but they will clean up very well.

Once I had the plates in my hands, $15.00 Canadian with shipping I contacted MTO to get the rest of the pieces to the puzzle. Here is what I found out.

I was told I will have to send the plates to MTO, by registered mail or courier. They have to be signed for. Along with the plates I need to send a copy of the vehicles registration. The lady told me they want the original registration, but she suggested sending a copy just in case it gets lost. The plates will be inspected and compared to “original” copies that MTO has on file.

Armed with this info, I sent my package off. Plates are big so the box is big, but weighed less then a pound. I shipped them via express post which was 50 cents more then regular post with a signature, but next day service. So shipping cost me $9.00

A week later they were returned with a letter stating my plates had been accepted.
The letter instructed me to go to my local MTO office with the letter as proof and bring with me my insurance papers, registration, new approved plates and current plates.
At my local MTO office I presented them with all the information and plates. They took the old plates and issued me a new sticker for my 1968 Plates. That cost me $10.00.

Now you have to agree they look way more appropriate then the modern numbers.
The total bill for this classic touch was only $34. A fraction of the costs for custom plates, I like that a lot.

Here are the details you’ll need.
Set of clean Ontario plates. Try eBay. Lots listed.
They have to be clear, so call MTO before buying them. 1-800-387-3445.
Then you have to send them to MTO for inspection.

Send a copy of your permit and new plates, by courier or registered mail to this address.
Year Of Manufacture (YOM) Plates
Operation Policy Office Licensing and Control Branch MTO
Room B-051 Lower Level Building A
1201 Wilson Ave. Downsview, ON M3M 1J8

To read the full article from Canadian Driver access the link below.
Good luck, I do plan on cleaning and possibly redoing them, but that’s minor compared with the other stuff I still have to do.