GT6 Tech & Projects.
Links too all the technical information and projects I've under taken while working on my GT6.

Josh Bowler's Spitfire Site. Archive.

GT6 Remote Oil Filter.Started 07 Dec 08

GT6 Mileage Logger.Started 28 Mar 07

GT6 Oil Cooler.Completed 19 Sept 07

GT6+ Highback Seats.Started 05 Jan 07

MEGAJOLT LITE JR (MJLJ).Started 29 Nov 06

5 Speed Gearbox Conversion. Completed 30 Nov 06

GT6 Roll Bar By Stu Trudel. Completed 16 Nov 06

My 1968 Triumph GT6 MK1's Restoration. Closed 12 Jul 06

Triumph GT6 MK I Modifications.

Triumph GT6 MK I Technical Specs.

My 1968 Triumph GT6's Stats.

Rear Cargo Deck Images.

Targa Racing Info.

Rolling Body Rig Design.

Year Of Manufacture (YOM) Plates.

Why I Bought A Camber Compensator.