GT6 Camber Compensator.
Created: 10 Sept 2002
Updated: 05 Mar 2004

The above picture are why I bought a Camber Compensator, well that's what I told my wife.

On Aug 17th 2002 I ordered the camber compensator from Joe Curry.

We agreed on the shipping, I picked standard ground mail $25.00 US, no point in letting USP bill me for customs. I had a US Bank draft done up, that cost me $7.50 CDN. BTW the banks like to do the exchange rate a little higher then the rest of the world.

Next morning the cheque was in the mail.

Aug 24th 2002 Joe received the funds and shipped the package the same day.

From there I waited and waited hoping every day to see the postman's delivery note.

Finally on Sept 10th 2002 it came.

I will report on instillation and operation when I get to that point.

Update: 05 Mar 2004 I've added some photos of the instillation to date.

One fear Joe and I had was the twin sport exhaust would not work, well I think it will be fine. It sits close to the diff and as you can see in the photos seems to have room. I did make one change, the bolt that goes through the bar into the diff mount has been extended by a 1/4 of an inch. It was just being really stubborn and was just a little too short to start the tread so the nut.