Updated 10 Feb. 2004

Well if I'm to run the Targa Newfoundland in 2006 these are some of the steps I will have to follow through. I will spend 2004 rebuilding the body of my GT6 and getting involved with the MCO to become a better race driver.

[02/10/04] Right so I'm a yo yo... The Targa costs way too much. I'm thinking a better plan might be to run a minimum costing Touring package. The entry fee for Touring is $1000 cheaper, roll cage would cost a pretty penny. Race suit is optional as well, but might buy that for safety. Never know when you might be pulling someone else from a crash and need protection.

[02/06/04] Change in ideas and plan. After talking a bit with Craig Seko, who ran a 944 in 02 and 03. Craig suggested I run the GT6 in the Targa class even at the speeds of Touring. More excitement and might have a chance of collecting a plate. So much research has been going into sorting out a roll cage for the GT6. Talking to Ted at TSI and some list members I was shown these pictures. The idea is sound and should translate well to the GT6. I'd have to make some changes to the dashtop, but that's easy. I'd also make the upper door bars removable. More to follow.

Quick Tally Of Costs (with tax)

Estimated cost of $6000, this is with 2 member team driving to the event.

Targa & Other Costs/Fees

Club Fees & Courses

Safety Gear Required For Touring Glass

Safety Gear Optional/Recommended

Driving To Newfoundland And Back.

Ferry Info: Port aux Basques, NL / North Sydney, NS Service (one way)
Car Rate = $76.50
Passenger Rates = $27.00 x2
Sub =$130.5 + Tax
Total =$150.08 (one way)
Ferry Total Both Ways =$300.15

[Trip from Argentia, NL / North Sydney, NS Service = $708.4]

Car Modifications



Transmission & Differential:

Other Requirements