A GT6's Story.
I've always had a thing for European sports cars. In the mid 80's we lived in West Germany,
my father a communications tech with the Canadian Forces. This is where I saw my first Porsche, experienced the power of a Ferrari zipping by on winding road, the comfort of Audi and the Autobahn. My European experience left me with a great appreciation for fine cars at a very young age. Fast forward almost 20 years. I found this ad in the Auto Trader. I was so tempted, but the timing was all wrong. My future wife and I were a year from being married and money was tight. I cut the clipping out and kept it in my wallet. Where it stayed for almost 3 years.

A 1969 Porsche 911T. (This was my dream car.)


Spring 2001 my wife and I had been chatting about a 2nd car, something to enjoy. I had tried the Sport Compact thing and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I simply could not see the point in winter storing a 90's something 4 cylinder car. It had to be something worth while, I raised the Porsche idea again, but the cost was still too high it just was not logical. Wait when is a owning a little 2 seat sports car logical? Still we managed to established a budget. It was too limiting and there were no Porsches to be found in that range, but there were a few Mustangs which did interested my wife. I was all set to go and look at a mid 80's Mustang model when a co-work found this ad online. (April 12th 2001 Ottawa Citizen)

1968 TRIUMPH GT-6, minor repairs for safety, great engine, needs paint. 

It was in my price range and sounded interesting. Not knowing what a Triumph GT6 looked like I did a search on the web and fell in love with the first picture I saw. Could this be the perfect sports car for Andre?

From there I took my time (a few hours) to researched the car. Checked out a few buyers guides and other points of interest. I visited the owner several times over a period of a week. As you can see from some of the early pictures the car was in decent condition, but in need a lot of TLC.

On Tuesday April 17th I bought my GT6. Less than a month later (May 15th) I had the car on the road. All it took were new tires and some steering rack bushings. The only other addition for 2001 was an alternator as the stock gear failed and left us on the side of the road.

For me owning a Triumph is truly about being part of something special. I own a little piece of history. And will do what I can to preserve it.

The first picture was taken on the GT6's first club event. May 2001
The second was taken by my family. Aug 2001
The last one is a Wedgewood Blue GT6. The colour mine came in from the factory.


2002 was an interesting year. I drove the GT6 from May to Dec 2001. Had a blast, then for some silly reason I started a restoration. If your read the 2001 restore project. I had no idea what I was in for. Its costing us a lot of money and taking a great deal of time, but I'm having fun some times. I'm learning and feel I'm growing as a person. Its been a whole year without driving, I was lucky to get 2 rides in a Spitfire, but its not the same, not hot or fast enough. With the beginning of 2003 I hope to have the frame rolling by February and have a painted and drivable car by Oct. Wish me luck.


2003 saw good and bad things. The frame was completed. I made 2 or 3 costly errors which will have to be fixed down the road. But the body is on the frame and the hard work of removing the rust has begun. Basically the bottom of the car has to be removed. The damage is extreme, but all the panels have been purchased and I will move forward. This project is harder then I thought, steep learning curve and I've suffered through a lot of work loss in 2003.


For 2004 I would like to see the driver side completed by summer. But I've learned time lines mean nothing to this project. Life and happiness are first on my list. If I don't feel the desire to work on the car I don't. Mistakes happen.

If things recover for me work wise I plan on doing as much as I can, but I will hire help to get the body work done. I figure unless my world completes to a total end, 2006 the GT6 will return, in white, blue, red or maybe yellow. :)


Wow the prediction from 2004 was not half bad. 2005 saw engine #2 rebuilt it is basically ready to go, just a few items left to fix up. I will finish the transmissions soon. There is a lot of work left to do so the first 1/4 of 2006 will be about rebuilding the car. Hope to be driving by May.

Pictures from 2005; April Wilf takes on my GT6 body. After months a body is born.

November Smurf returns home and December the engine is almost done.

Check out the 2005 Gallery for all the excitement at the Justdrive Garage.


2006 was an incredible year, the birth of my son followed by first drive in the GT6 since Dec 2001. The GT6 took top honours at the ABCD show in 2006 and was also awarded by the Place D'Orleans Cruise Night Crew. A super year, but not with out some drama. In late September I blew up the transmission causing me to miss the MCO run at Calabogie. I replaced the stock box with a 5 Speed. Oh the fun. New wheels, lower race springs, rear end mods, roll bar... The list goes on. Below are some of my fav shots from 2006.

Thanks to the crew, (Bob, Mike, Steph & Dad) To Laura for allowing my craziness to run wild and for being the mother of my wonderful son James. Future & on going project, digital ignitions, seats, gauges and a desire to race! See everyone in 2007.


Updated Dec 2006.