GT6 Custom High back Seat Project.
This project started after I was all set to buy some custom made seats from the UK. The plan ended when my budget for 2007 fell short of what I was hoping for. The seats were well over my annual spending limit and left me no room to do other more important things for the GT6.

Then in January I got lucky. Andy Z was reading my homepage and very kindly offered to send me a set of GT6+ high back seats. Thank Andy I owe you huge. The seats though worn are in no worst shape then my present low backs. So for 2007 I will run them as is. Next winter, my plan is to alter the seats to have slots for the shoulder harnesses, bolster the hip support area, slots for the lap belts and modify the base and cushion for the anti sub belt. Then re-cover the seats with a micro-fibre material.

All of this should cost me less then the seats I had been shopping for. Stay tuned as I develop this project.


05 Jan 07 Free Seats
08 Jan 07 Test Fit

09 Jan 07 Driver Seat



05 Jan 07 An Offering From Andy
Andy Z of Montreal contacted me and offered these free seats. I graciously accepted and began my latest project.

07 Jan 07 Seats In Ottawa
As luck would have it, Andy's brother was in Montreal visiting and offered to bring the seats home, I picked them up in the evening. Thanks Mark & Andy.

08 Jan 07 Seat Test Fit
Only had a quick look at the seats last night, so tonight I grabbed my camera and went outside to the garage. Really they are no worst then my low back seats. I will run them as is for 2007. Did a quick test fit, yep these will work fine, should as they are from another GT6. I will clean them up this weekend.


Total 08 Jan 2007