GT6 Roll Bar By Stu Trudel

For sometime now I've wanted a roll bar in the GT6 for lapping, safety and pure cool factor. I also wanted something to mount my G-Force Harness on. Now that wish is complete.


13 Oct 06 Meeting With Stu
I was off on the 13th, just got the GT6 running and took a drive to meet Stu, we discussed the roll bar install and my needs. At the end of the meeting he told me if I left the GT6 with him, I'd have it back by the end of the week.

14 Oct 06 Call From Stu
Stu called me at work today, he was not happy with the plan of using the diagonal bar to host the shoulder harness, he suggested we install a cross bar that intersected with the diagonal bar. I told me go for it. I also had him install 3 bolt in points for the harness on the passenger side, that way in the future I could upgrade from the V style latch 5 point to a full camlock individual shoulder harness.

16 Oct 06 Amazing Results
Top marks to Stu for his craftsmanship, the bar looks amazing. It will serve me well, actually I hope I never have to rely on it. The bar cost me 10 hours of labour and material. Great job Stu. Highly recommended.


16 Nov 06 Roll Bar Pictures
16 Nov 06 Helmet Test


- Bars are constructed 1 3/4" diameter by .125 wall steel tubing.

- Welded to the car on 5"x4" steel plates

- Hoop is positioned as far as possible in the car to clear my head with a helmet on.

- Hoop is as positioned as high as possible.

- G Force PRO SERIES Camlock Individual Shoulder Harness Set Part# 7000 (Driver)

- G Force PRO SERIES Latch & Link V-Type Harness Set Set Part# 6020 (Passenger)