Triumph GT6 Restoration 2005.

Total Restoration Hours: 530.0 hrs.

B-Quiet Continues. Time: 2 hr. Pictures.
[12/29/05] - Almost done installing the Extreme, I just have a little more to do, but after 2 hours inside the cabin I was done.

Transmission & B-Quiet. Time: 6 hr. Pictures.
[12/28/05] - I tired to finish my transmission, but I need a press to do the rear main bearing. Joy, so Mike, Bob and I started to install the B-Quiet® Extreme material. This will reduce the noise and heat levels install the cabin.

Engine Build Night 7. Time: 2 hr. Pictures.
[12/22/05] - Just a quick night out in the sub zero garage.
- Engine mounts installed, bolts done to 28 ft lbs. This time with lock tight.
- Front lift hook installed, 18 ft lbs, with red lock tight.
- Valve cover nuts sorted out, better cover installed, but new gaskets suck so I used the old one.
- Tested the intake and exhaust, will rest for a few days over the xmas break.

Engine Build Night 6. Time: 5 hr. Pictures.
[12/15/05] - What was to be a quite night turned interesting.
- Engine mounts installed, bolts done to 28 ft lbs.
- Intake cleaned manifold taken apart and cleaned for blasting.
- Distributor cleaned and prepped for blasting.
- Stubborn stud stuck in the head lost its battle to me. After weeks of trying to find a way to remove it, the weapon of choice was a nut cracker. This however came after hours of heating/cooling the stud, welding vice grips to the stud and using a BFM. As a last ditch effort, I tried my nut cracker, Bob held it in place while I applied as much pressure with the wrench, this must have pinched the stud and cracked the seal, because we were then able to turn the stud and worked it off using the nut cracker and vice grips. YEAH.

Oil Pan Painting. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[12/11/05] - Pretty straight forward; grind, brush, scrap, clean and paint.

Engine Build Day 5. Time: 5 hr. Pictures.
[12/08/05] - What was to be a quite night turned interesting.
- New timing chain tensioner installed.

- Timing chain cover installed. (Used old bolts, must paint)
- Cleaned the oil pan from engine 1, got it all nice, but it will not fit due to the new style oil pump.
- Cleaned pan #2, not so nice, the oil was in there like cake icing and I will have to paint the pan. One of the rear bolts locking into the aluminium rear oil plate is not tightening very well, the treads on the plate are not well. Will monitor for leaks.
Nest week I want to remove the bad stud off the head and get the intake and exhaust pieces installed along with the rest of the engine parts. Then the transmission can be stated.

Engine Build Day 4. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[12/01/05] - The crew was over tonight, but I was the slow poke, could not find parts, all kinds of issues. Not organized enough.
- Timing chain installed.
- Oil pump gear installed.
- Pedestal installed to spec height was custom paper gasket.
- Blanking plates installed.
The B-Quiet Extreme sound/heat shield material arrived this week, I'll install that soon.

Wiring. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[11/26/05] - I spent some time going over the wire harness, there are some changes to come, but really I want to build a new one, update the info to show the addition parts and the GM Alt.

Painting Engine Parts. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[11/20/05] - I rolled the car out of the garage and went to work painting the head, engine hooks, engine cover plates and time change cover. Also did some wiper motor parts, but ran out of cleaning supplies and the temp dropped. I also cleaned the place up a bit.

Engine Build Day 3. Time: 5 hr. Pictures.
[11/17/05] - This evening myself, Steph and Bob put a nice effort into the engine, we had some drama with 2 studs for the head, but all is well now, we did use several manuals tonight because there were big differences between them when it came to adjusting the rockers. My Haynes came in handy.
- Installed rear oil seal, with sealant and gasket. Cover set to 17ft lbs.
-Rear engine plate attached, bolts set with medium lock tight and 19ft lbs.
-Flywheel installed, I created some collars from con rod locator tubs, which were grind down to proper length. Flywheel bolted down to 44 ft lbs. Gauged tested and measured .001 all around.
-New oil pump lubed and installed with medium lock tight at 9 tb lbs, by hand feel.
-New studs were installed on the block using the double nut method.
-Tappets lubed and pushed in.
-Cylinder walls oiled at top and crank turned.
-Block surface was cleaned with brake cleaner.
-Gasket cleaned and installed.
-Head is prepped, cleaned and installed.
-Head nuts torqued in order, 1/4 - 1/2 turn at a time to 45 ft lbs.
-2 small studs had issues, used old stock to replace them, worked fine.
-New rocker studs were not a good fit, used the old ones after cleaning them.
-Push rods lubed and installed.
-Rocker adjusters loosen, then rocker was installed.
-New washers and nuts installed, set to 25 ft lbs.
-Adjusters set with feeler gauge according to spec.
Lessons learned tonight, some nuts are cheap and always keep the old hardware you never know.

Tub on the frame. Time: 4 hr. Pictures.
[11/12/05] - Wow, what a nice tub. I love the colour. A few dust spots, which can be buffed out later. But I'm so happy, Wilf and I got some help from Livia and a neighbour to lift the tub onto the frame. From there Wilf and I locked it down. I then blasted a bunch of parts. What a day. I can't believe how low it is, been looking at this body 3 feet of the ground for too long.

Engine Build Day 2. Time: 4 hr. Pictures.
[11/10/05] - Tonight Mike, Steph & Bob full on attacked the engine. Mike and Bob dealt with the compression ring gapping while Steph and I prepped the pistons for insulation.
- Pistons and con rods assembled together. County logo facing towards exhaust.
- Compression rings gapped between 008 & 010. Used belt sander and fine file.
- Oil rings and compression rings installed on pistons according to specs.
- All bearing surfaces were cleaned and lube.
- Piston ringers were compressed and installed into the block.
- Con rod bolts were torque to 40 foot pounds.

Still waiting for the rear oil seal, once that arrives it will be installed, will install front timing chain, fly wheel and head. Then finish off the engine and build the trans.

Engine Build Day 1. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[11/03/05] - Bob helped me get the engine build started, but we ran into some issues. I need to order several parts and sort out the pistons.
- New main bearings installed, good fit.
- Used standard sized thrust bearings. 6.5 reading, 3 different spots.
- Torqued main cap bearings to 55 foot pounds.
- Crankshaft spins really nicely.
- Camshaft installed, Cam keeper plated bolted, no specs for torque found.
- Skipped rear seal, need to order oil seal.
- Pistons, which is the trust side? See pictures.

Parts I need to order
REAR ENGINE SEAL 66-73 143456  $4.50
STUD (3 req) 139836 $0.75

Painting The Block. Time: 2.5 hr. Pictures.
[10/29/05] - Took my time and did it right. Masked off everything, wiped it down, then brushed it off and finished up with the air hose and super low pressure. Then I applied 3 coats of engine paint, Dupli Color Cast Coat Iron. Now the block is drying. Next step is to get it on the stand.

Head & Con Report.
[10/28/05] - Returned to the engine shop and was taken care of right away, they repaired the rust damage on the head and we had a great discussion about the con rod small end bearing. The shop reassured me it will not be an issue, not ideal, but will not harm the pin. They also informed me that they did try and put an valve seal on the head, but could not, I trust them and will leave the head as is.

Engine Home But Not Happy. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[10/26-27/05] - Wednesday paid for my engine work, Thursday discovered the head needs serious help and the small end bearing for con rod 6 has a nasty gouge in it. Not impressed.

Painting Blasted Metal. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[10/20/05] - Our weapons of choice, POR15 Semi Gloss Rust Paint, POR Chassis Gloss, VHT Black Gloss Calliper Paint & Tremclad Automotive Gloss Black paint, Steph and I did as many pieces as we could, it was a bit cold and we ran out of places hang parts, but we did make great progress. Engine is coming on Monday.

Blasting & Painting. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[10/17/05] - Saturday, spent 1.5 hours blasting trans parts & then on Monday I painted them with VHT brake paint.

Blasting Away Rust. Time: 5 hr. Pictures.
[10/10/05] - I put 160KM on the car and sucked down a 1/4 tank of gas, but the 5 hours was so worth it. I dropped the bumpers off so Wilf and get them installed. He drilled the holes for the rear lights too. Its all coming along. Once that was sort out I took off working on the metal. I did tons of blasting, window internal pieces, horns, bumper mounts, wiper motor and so much more. POR15 time.

Grind & Paint. Time: 3 hr. Pictures.
[10/06/05] - That was the order of the night, Step and I stripped and cleaned parts, this is going to be the pattern in the garage for a few weeks. Lots of parts to clean up and prep for paint, but with the GT6 away at Wilf's its pretty easy to deal with.

UK Order & Thursday Night. Time: 3.5 hr Pictures.
[09/29/05] - Parts arrived today from the UK, Canley however missed an item, grrr. But the pistons look great. Will get them to the shop shortly. Tonight the guys and I got the remaining body parts closer to a stage where they can be blasted clean. The rear hatch, valance and bonnet all received our full attention. It was nice to get some real work in after a stressful few weeks.

Bonnet & Spitbits Order. Time: 2 hr Pictures.
[09/26/05] - I was stripping the bonnet when the post man and a massive rain fall came. Glad I was home, I took the day off to enjoy a long weekend and was rewarded with a 40lbs shipment from Spitbits. Kewl.

New Parts. Time: 0 hr Pictures.
[09/25/05] - So I've hit a new mile stone, 30 years old. I'm a little stiff today, had a bit of a shunt while racing yesterday. That aside Laura bought me a tool chest for my BDay, I'll have to rework the garage and put it to work soon. Parts from NOS LOCATORS arrived early this week. The water valve looks good, but the syncros need replacement. Not impressive. And last is the 2nd gear from Rimmer, looks great. Parts from Spitbits on their way and same for Canley.

Parts. Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[09/17/05] - Kit ordered from Canley Classics, Rimmer and Spitbits. Transmission, engine and other bits. When they come in, I'll report more. I went though all my parts today. I have a lot of work to do, but that's ok.

Sunday Work . Time: 2 hr.
[09/11/05] - Today I dealt with the misaligned stud issues on the driver rear. I spun the lug on and then whacked it a few times with my rubber mallet. It worked, the new lug now goes in nicely. Finished off painting the transmission case, then polished another rim, the damage is pretty bad on these rims. I think down the road they will have to be painted.

Transmission. Time: 2 hr Pictures.
[09/10/05] - Cleaned and painted the gearbox case. Now onto the pieces, looks like I have an aftermarket lay gear. If you look at the pictures you'll see it has a brass bushing inside the gear. Meaning no needle bearings? Pretty well done my list of parts I need for the engine and trans, lots of work to do.

Painted Rad. Time: 1 hr Pictures.
[09/06/05] - This evening I was busy with house things, but I still managed to get out and work on the rad. I fixed as many of the fins as I could. Then I cleaned the rad out with my air compressor and blew it clean with brake fluid. After that I painted the rad. I used VST High Temp Brake Paint. Went on nice, I will check everything out to ensure total coverage.

Rad & Transmission. Time: 5 hr Pictures.
[09/05/05] - Brian Mills, aka Doc, showed me how a rad is tested. First you seal off all openings. Fill the unit with water and pump air pressure in. My rad passed, help 18+ PSI with no problems. The cap failed. Next Doc blasted the radiator. Brian's blasting cablinet verion 3 made the job super easy, not to meantion the cheap paint. Afte the blasting we flushed it out, the rad was rather clean. My next task will be to fix all the fins so they are straight and then paint it with some high temp brake paint. Gloss black. :) Thanks Brian. Next up we pulled the transmission main shaft apart, after a few hours trying it the way of the manual, Doc bought out his TR6 bearing pulling kit. With in minutes the rear bearing was pulled off. Now I shall inspect all the gears. Check out the pictires to see the work.

More Fuel Pump Mount, Transmission Work. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[08/18/05] - Mount is welded to the frame, I will clean and re-weld to make sure its all sealed up before repainting with POR15. The diff was dripping turned out it was the drain bolt, I tightened and the leak stopped. I will fill it this weekend and observe. Might add some light tight. We opened the transmission up, oh dear. This will cost some money, 1st and 2nd gear are damaged. More to follow.

Fuel Pump Mount, Transmission Work. Time: 2 hr Pictures.
[08/16/05] - I used the coil mount, 2 bolts and a bar. This should make a decent mount for the fuel pump, next I cleaned the transmission bell housing. I need to get rid of the cheap paint. Last I opened up the transmission, will do the shifter bushing and springs replacement.

Friday Report. Time: 6 hr Pictures.
[06/10/05] - 1. Engine is at the shop, will take a month or so. 2. Spent the afternoon working on the body grinding a removing paint and sealer from the underside of the body.

Paint, Engine Prep & Fuel System. Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[06/09/05] - Picked up some parts for the fuel system from Home Depot, cut off valve, copper hose, 90 degree bends and so on. I cleaned and painted the SU fuel pump and tried for fashion a mount. Still needs work, while I was in the garage I did paint a piece of wing. I applied 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and 2 clears. Laura loves the colour, last time we did not have a chance to see it in sun light. What a difference. I then got all the parts ready for the engine's trip to Engines Extra.

She's A Roller. Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[05/26+28/05] - Torque everything down, had some issues with the nuts for the underside diff mounts. They should be fine, but I could not get them to click. The leaf spring is in place, all the links are back on and the frame rolls again.

Work & Parts. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[05/20/05] - Last night I removed the nut that was holding up the back end rebuild. I used the air chisel and dermal tool. Worked well. I then installed the new solid steering rack mounts, get the diff installed with some help and prep/painted the new rear links. Today parts from Wolfitt Racing out of the UK arrived. New links for the sway bar and a nice manual so I can race my GT6 in the future. All in all a fun two days. The frame will be rolling soon. Again.

Paint Removal. Time: 5 hr Pictures.
[05/14/05] - I spent the cold day removing paint from the GT6 body, everything went well, good progress will make the sand blasting go fast. Purchases; nuts and bolts from Valley Hardware. Solid steering rack mounts from eBay and from Wolfitt Racing front sway bar links and the GT6 race manual. Fun!

Rear Rebuild. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[05/12/05] - Used new paper seals and nuts on the diff rebuild. The new rear housing was cleaned out and prepped for install. Along with all the surfaces. I think the end shafts will need a rebuild in time. A little grit in there. I then tried to remove the nuts stripped on the rear link, I managed to get the shock free using the splitter, but I will have to cut the top one off.

Rear End Work. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[05/05/05] - Steph and I removed the back end from the frame. I have 2 nuts that are stripped, joy. We still managed to remove everything and then open up the diff. The teeth all look well.

Engine 1 Update. Time: 2 hr Pictures.
[04/28/05] - Gasket Blow out, but no serious harm to the engine.

Body To A Pro. Time: 0 hr Pictures.
[04/22/05] - Today Wilf Haasper picked up Snowflake's body. We will work in phases and see how much time it takes to get the body in much better condition. I hope it does not cost me too much, but at least it will be done nice. And in white!

Engine 1 Update. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[04/21/05] - Fly wheel came off, removed the head, messy as hell. Lots of coolant and oil. Yuk.

Engine 1 Removal. Time: 3 hr Pictures.
[04/19/05] - Lifted Engine 1 out this evening. All was going well till the fly wheel opted not to come off. WD40 and let it soak over night. I'm beat.

Engine Prep. Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[04/17/05] - I spent today removing all but one stud on the engine block. I used a stud remover till it stripped, stupid cheap thing. After that I used the double nut method and removed all but one stud. This one had been broken and stripped before by the PO, not sure if I can heat it up. Will let the shop remove it. The engine is now waiting on me. I'm in the middle of the competition at work for my job, once I know I've won (Fingers Crossed) the engine is off to the shop. I still need to lift the other one out and get the clutch plate and fly wheel.

More Boot Work . Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[03/26/05] - Passenger side boot and inner wing install. Man that metal is thin. Scary, the smaller mig wire does help. My welds were better, but I will have to grind them all down still and check for holes. Sunday after the family meal I want to install the lower metal piece that attaches to the valance and then maybe on Monday the valance. Hopes things go well. 400 hrs as of today. Cool.

Boot Work . Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[03/24/05] - Made my template, cut and welded in place. The process is painful, but at least I've started. Not happy with my welds, should change to a smaller wire.

More Work . Time: 1 hr.
[03/08/05] - Removed more pieces from the engine. Front plate, covers and so on. Wed and Thursday I will complete the process. I also put away a great deal of gear. I do think I will try and get the engine to the shop this month.

Engine Tear Down. Time: 4 hr Pictures.
[03/03/05] - Took the new engine apart, the prognosis is good, piston and walls all look to be in good shape. Same with the cam and crank. So I will continue to take it apart this weekend and then visit a local engine shop which a friend has had his GT6 worked on.