1972 Triumph GT6 Mk3

Registry #: 32
Commission #: KF 13845 U
T. Reno Toffoli
Location: Fort Collins, CO
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About This Car & Owner:

Car was purchased from a friend who had it sitting in a barn since 1990. The car had typical rusty rockers, fenders, and floors but was otherwise original and unmolested. I believe it had only 1 or 2 previous owners and had sesen mostly highway miles.

My first car was a 1970 GT6 when I was 16 , my dad gave it to me (It had been his daily driver for years) . Unfortunately, as a high school student, I didn't have the tools or experience to service the car as it needed, and eventually had to give it up. I did manage to keep an interest in Triumph and other british cars and in 1995 began the full restoration of a 1962 Triumph TR4 (finished in 2000). Several years after College I went back to Tech school and got a degree in Automotive technology. Eventually I ended up working in a Brit car garage and had the desire to have my first car again, but have it really done right.

In August of 2002 I began a full, frame-up, restoration on the GT6. Because I could do most of my own work and had the tools and workspace to do it in, (in addition to parts discounts through work) I was able to do the full restoration on the car for around $12,000 USD. ($4000 being in the paint alone).

The car is somewhat stock, but does have some modifications as well. All rusted body panels were replaced with NOS or Heritage pieces. I blanked out the US side marker lamps for a smoother 'euro' look. I also fabricated a new grille from aluminum strip and mesh which I think gives the car a 'racier' look, especially when combined with the Spitfire front spoiler.

The bare frame was blasted and painted and new suspension was assembled on to it. The suspension features ALL poly bushings (diff mounts too), koni shocks front and GAZ shocks rear. the front springs are stiffened and lowered with the rear being stock (I may still need to make a lowering plate for the rear, I am waiting for the spring to settle). Brake hoses are braided stainless steel, brakes are otherwise stock.

The engine was rebuilt with 9.5:1 domed pistons, Spit-Bits 270/272 road cam, double roller timing gear, and ARP fasteners, head oiler, and a no-lead head conversion, It is otherwise stock. I changed the emission controlled carbs over to pre-emission Stromberg 150CD carbs taken from a Sunbeam Alpine. The Transmission was rebuilt to stock specs and the Diff was rebuilt with new bearings and seals.

The interior is stock but I opted for Late Spitfire Seats with the
white cloth houndstooth pattern. These are also reclinable which helps comfort in the car. I Made a guage pod that sits in the right side glove box. this holds a voltage guage, VDO electric oil pressure guage, and a mechanical oil pressure guage from a TR6. (you can never be too careful!). The interior of the car was also extensively padded under the carpet with heatshield material.

I am still waiting for the rear bumper to come back from the chrome shop but I can tell you that it runs great, is smooth, tight, and quiet with no leaks, squeaks, or rattles. Just the way a GT6 should be!!

Body Style: GT Fastback Coupe
Colour: (126) French Blue Base coat, Clear coat system.
Engine: 2L 1988 cc (122 cu. in.)
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Interior: black with white headliner, reclining seats from 1978 Spitfire covered in houndstooth cloth.
Purchase Date: August 2000