1970 Triumph GT6 Plus

Name: Mike Bostwick
Location: Puyallup, Washington USA
Joined: 05 Mar 2007
Last Update: 05 Mar 2007

Email: mjbostwick@msn.com
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About This Car & Owner:

I've had this car for 32 years and almost sold it last December because it had kind of been neglected because of a bunch of little problems. I didn't have time to get it fixed but now I do. It has one little rust spot behind the passenger door and it's totally stock. I've kept it in a garage almost it’s whole life. I'm ready to join the pretty elite group of GT6 owners. Is there a forum where I can ask real dumb questions about my car and maybe someone will answer me? That's what I need.

I tell everyone they are so rare because "most all of them have all broke or crashed"

Body Style: GT Fastback Coupe
Colour: Purple
Engine: 2L 1988 cc (122 cu. in.)
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual Over Drive?
Interior: Black
Purchase Date: 1975

Engine: none
Drive-line: none
Suspension/Steering/Wheels/Brakes: none
Interior: none
Exterior: none
Electrical/Audio/Security: radio cassette player and speakers
Future: Rebuild brakes, new clutch, rebuild carbs, tighten up suspension, new paint, and probably new 8 spoke or wire wheels.