1968 Triumph GT6 Mk1

Name: Jan Becker
Location: Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada
Joined: 20 Feb 2004
Last Update:
20 Feb 2004

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About This Car & Owner:

I live in the Arctic but I keep the car in Alberta, where I found it. The previous owners had it since 1970, kept it like it was their baby, and were only interested in selling to the "right" person. It was not being advertised. I guess I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it! The rest is history.

The only problems seem to be leaky seals, a faulty connection with the dash lighting switch, and a high front end/low rear end. I've ordered a new rear spring. We'll see what that does.

I love the way it growls when you step on it, and the mechanicalness of the car is a joy. I also severely enjoy the looks it gets wherever I've stopped. Not once did someone not approach me about it, including a pastor, a group of skaters, and every other Tom, Dick and Harry.

Ironically, my snowmobile is only a foot less in length and has almost similar horsepower and top speed numbers.

Body Style: GT Fastback Coupe
Colour: White
Engine: 2L 1988 cc 1969 (I have the original1968: needs work)
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual with Over Drive
Interior: Original Red
Purchase Date: n/a