1969 Triumph GT6 Plus

Marcel and Chuck Martin
Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Email: landcruiserchuck@hotmail.com
Web Page: none

About This Car & Owner:

Though the Plus is presently in a rough state, it is our intent to restore the GT6 within the next two years or when winter subsides here in Northern Ontario (whichever comes first). My Dad and I are undecided as to whether or not the GT6 will become a road-going tourer or a track-going vintage racer. VARAC races at MOSPORT are inspiring goals, but our top priority is to get the GT6 running reliably. A floor for driver and passenger would be lovely, too. The Flintstone brakes are unlikely to solicit much confidence from VARAC's scrutineers.

Body Style: GT Coupe
Colour: Rusty Red (originally jasmine yellow)

Engine: 2L 1988 cc (122 cu. in.)
Transmission:4 speed manual
Interior: Black
Purchase Date: 12 April 2003