1972 Triumph GT6 Mk3 Racer

Name: Andrew Stark
Location: St Louis Mo., USA
Joined: 10 Feb 2004
Last Update:
11 Dec 2008

Email: whitedog72@hotmail.com
Web Page: www.sltoa.org

About This Car & Owner:

I contacted Andrew to get details about his cage, he was kind enough to supply me with these pictures. Here is what he had to say about his GT6.

This is fairly new addition to SCCA racing. I built it from the ground up 2 years ago. Before that I had used the car for off and on daily driving and Auto Crossing. It is a full blown race car. To much to list has been done to it. The pictures are worth a thousand words. As a race car it is still being developed. So far it has proved to be very reliable and a heck of a lot of fun to drive. The sound of it hurling down the strait at 140mph is something to behold. ;o)

The car was originally orange but I painted it 1987 guards red ( Porsche color) The engine is the standard two litre that is very warmed over. I think I am running about 185 horse power. The interior was originally black with a white head liner. It was in mint un-restored condition. Please don't shoot me. It still is in mint condition sitting in boxes waiting on a donor.

I purchased the car in July 1990 for $100.00. It did not run. I first considered it a basket case until I cleaned out the interior. It looked as if the inside had never seen the light of day. It was perfect. Except for the smell.

Body Style: GT Fastback Coupe
Colour: Porsche Guards Red
Engine: 2L 1988 cc (122 cu. in.)
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual Over Drive
Interior: Black(not installed). Race Seat. No passenger seat.
Purchase Date: July 1990