20 July 2013 Carpet Work Day 2

Worked all morning on the interior of the GT6. Great progress.
IMG 6649  Driver side came together really nicely. IMG 6650  Setup the sill piece a lot better this time. IMG 6651  The a panel piece is glued in. The updated electrical wire in the loom is a PITA. IMG 6652  But it worked out. IMG 6653  I think it looks very clean now in the car. IMG 6654  Every thing seems to fit really well.
IMG 6655  Shots from last nights work. IMG 6657  That wiring needs to be addressed. IMG 6658  Testing for what is visible. IMG 6659  Need to add a patch. IMG 6660 IMG 6661
IMG 6662 IMG 6663  Fixed. IMG 6664  Now onto the driver side. IMG 6665 IMG 6666 IMG 6667  With the tank the piece will be edited a lot more.
IMG 6668 IMG 6669 IMG 6671  Done. IMG 6672  Testing the covers. IMG 6673  Full length cargo carpet. IMG 6674
IMG 6675  Very nice. IMG 6676 IMG 6679  Heel board and "faux" bench. IMG 6681  Now with the main carpet in place. IMG 6682 IMG 6683
IMG 6684  Panels. IMG 6685  The driver side was not snapping in so I called it a day. IMG 6686  Again the main loom to the back is thick and causing issues. IMG 6687  Enough for today.