19 July 2013 Glue Time

Started to glue in sections of the carpet. Scary.
IMG 6633  Pass side A pillar piece, sill and wheel well. IMG 6634  Black vs grey. IMG 6635  The tunnel cover and radio support had to come out so I could work. IMG 6636  Used my level to help push the sill piece down. Missed the gap to the door trim by a tiny bit. Grrr. IMG 6637  Wheel well carpet piece went in fine. IMG 6638  Starting to look nice.
IMG 6639  The A pillar piece was trimmed to work with the MJLJ box. IMG 6640  Trimming up the forward section around the battery box drain tube. IMG 6641  I will put a piece of taped velcro on the MJLJ and carpet. So it sticks down nice but leaves me access. IMG 6642  Getting there. IMG 6643  Again took my time. IMG 6644  Driver side tomorrow.
IMG 6648  Quick shot of the MJLJ setup.