12 July 2013 Newton Carpet Kit

Getting around to installing the carpet kit while the GT6 is down with a broke calliper.
IMG 2794  First laid the kit out. Been in a box since 2009! 2nd closed the door. The cat was very interested. IMG 2810  Removed panels and cleaned all the grim away. That cumbled seat foam is sticky. IMG 2859  I started laying pieces in. IMG 2860  Almost all the pieces will need to be trimmed/edited to fit into my car. IMG 2862  But it does look nice. IMG 2864  The wheel wells take a fair bit of time. Cargo shelf and roll bar all require holes in the carpet piece.
IMG 2866  So I took my sweet time. Nothing will get glued in till I'm ready. IMG 2867  With the longer transmission tunnel I need to make a few other changes. 2 relief cuts on the main carpet peice. IMG 2868  But looking good. Both forward bulk head pieces need trimming for the steering rod and battery drain pipe. IMG 2869  Heel board one is simple enough. IMG 2870  The "back seat/cargo area piece need a hole for the shelf bracket. IMG 2871  But looks nice. Almost to good to cover up ;)
IMG 2872  Side panel. Still lots of work to do.