03 July 2013 Calliper

Took the sucker apart. Not that hard but not the access I was hoping for.
IMG 6614  Popped the piston and seal off. IMG 6615  Other piston. IMG 6616  Ready to be split. IMG 6617  The issue. Broken bleeder screw and snapped off extractor. IMG 6618  16P. IMG 6619  My grounded GT6.
IMG 6620  And apart we came. IMG 6621  Rather easy. Shot of the little gasket seal. IMG 6622  Shot of the fluid hole and bleeder. IMG 6623  Apart. IMG 6624  I will try and drill from in the inside to weaken the extrator. IMG 6626  PD blaster is being used as well. Heat tomorrow.
IMG 6627  Parts.