26 June 2013 Drive Side Change

Continued to address the camber/brake issue. Happy with the results.
IMG 2645  Removing the bolt from the drop location on the vertical link. IMG 2646  Simple enough job. IMG 2647  You can see the hose extension. IMG 2648  Back to the stock location. IMG 2649  Hose is a little worn but still good. IMG 2650  The rear fitting is always a pita.
IMG 2651  But it is all back to normal. Spring needs a paint job. IMG 2653  After a quick drive around the block I'm happy with the results. IMG 2654  Both sides look even. IMG 2655  Camber is nice. IMG 2656  Fender gap is very nice. IMG 2657  Gain a fair bit of height and suspesion travel.
IMG 2658  This means better ride quality. Yeah.