24 June 2013 Rear Suspension

After hitting a big pot hole and breaking a line it was time to soften the GT6's setup.
IMG 2607  You can see how the spring hit the line extension and broke it. IMG 2608  The spring is setup on the vertical link at about an inch down. Worked great for 7 years. IMG 2609  But after the pot hole it was time to change back to stock. I still have the 1 3/4" spring block installed. IMG 2610 IMG 2611 IMG 2612  All back in order and cleaned up.
IMG 2614  The hose is a pita since you have to disconnect from the chassis point. IMG 2615  Still did not take long. IMG 2617  Here is a close up of the killed line extension. IMG 2618  A little less camber and more ride height. Should prevent the car from crashing down on big bumps. IMG 2619  I want to do a spacer on the front as push the noise up a touch. IMG 2620  Driver rear with the old setup.
IMG 2621  I will miss the aggressive stance. IMG 2622  But it is not that bad. IMG 2623  Still need to check the toe in before I have the new tires installed.