10 Apr 2013 Passenger Seat Foam

Jamea asked me to start in on the seat foam kit.
IMG 1651  Different booster seat test. This one fits much better. IMG 1652  James and I dragged the full back seat frames out. IMG 6344  Cleaned passenger seat. IMG 6345  Foam pieces started. IMG 1654  Various kit pieces. IMG 6346  Squab straps installed.
IMG 6347  11.5" 12", 12.5", 13" & 11" from the top down. IMG 6348  Inner foam pieces. IMG 6349  Outside started. IMG 6350  Tirm next. IMG 6351  The wrap over was tough. IMG 6352  The seem for the outer edge is a little rough but I can fix that.
IMG 6353  I will let the glue setup over night and then attack corners. IMG 1656  Testing the back padding.