GT6 Remote Oil Filter.
Since I started using the spin on oil filter with the GT6, doing oil changes on the GT6 has been nothing but a pain. The steering shaft on LHD drive GT6's gets right in the way. Add the braking system, fuel lines and oil cooler setup to the mix and its a total nightmare. In the spring of 2008 it took over 3 hours to do a simple task, that is going to change

On the 7th of Dec 2008 I placed an order with for a Remote Oil Filter Mount Kit. Part # 771-10695, Single Mount Kit.

Install instructions.

771-10695 Single Mount Kit $47.99
Fed EX Shipping $12.90
Fed EX Broker $19.36
Total $90.24 US = 117.86 CND

Back in 2004 I found this info on the Yahoo GT6 forum.

A GT6 owner named Matt reported his was using the kit.

I just posted some pics of my spin on oil filter

- here's the list of needed parts -
supplier --- Jeg's perma-cool remote filter kit - #771-10695 (need 1)
An-8 to 3/8" NPT Adapter - #0799660481 (need 2)
supplier --- Pegasus Auto Racing
1/2 I.D. hose end 90 degree AN-8 - #3291 (need 2)
supplier --- Moss, Victoria British, etc.
GT-6 spin on oil filter adapter (need 1)


Photos he included on the forum:

I will run my setup similar to above, but I will route my lines a little differnet so I do not require an 90 degree adaptors. If I can run the lines between the shock tower and the block I should be in good shape. Time will tell.

Another link I found on the product.

Installing a Remote Mount Oil Filter.

Talking to the Jeg rep, I should still be able to run my K&N HP1002 filter or longer filters once I reloacte the system.


07 Apr 09 K&N HP-3001 Oil Filter
10 Dec 08 Perma-Cool From Jegs
06 Dec 08 Winter Oil Change
25 May 08 Oil Changing Madness


10 Dec 2008 Remote Oil Filter Kit Arrived
Damn, that was actually scary quick from the US.

07 Dec 2008 Remote Oil Filter Kit Ordered
Ordered the kit tonight, started the project page.