2006 News & Progress.

16 Dec 06 Another Drive!
Its been above zero and poured rain all night so this morning at 11am I pulled the GT6 out and went for a sunny +4 drive. We did a nice 1 hour burn through Cumberland and Orleans. Felt good. My speedo has cut out on me. I'm counting miles still, but no speed indications, that's ok gives me a reason to buy these.

11 Dec 06 2006 Bye Bye Delco
The GT6 is loosing its Dizzy, I'm going with an EDIS setup with a fully 3D map ignition box. Follow the project here.

09 Dec 06 2006 Is A Wrap
Well its Saturday Dec 9th 2006, unless there is some kind of weather miracle, the driving season is done. Sunday will be a warm day, +5 so I will wash and clean the GT6, then do an oil change. Its been an impressive year. Start miles 70090 Miles 10 June 06. End miles 71208 25 Nov 2006. Now the speed does read fast, but still that's at least 1400KM on the GT6 would have been more, but lost Sept-Nov with the transmission swap. Over the winter I will look after a whole list of issues and get ready for some fun on 07.

07 Dec 06 Kas Under My Tree

Kas Kastner's books arrived, signed by the man himself. Laura grab them from me only seconds after I opened the package. Away they go till Christmas. Just had them in my hands long enough to check too see if they were ok from the postal trip. Look nice. Thanks Kas, talk to you in the new year.

25 Nov 06 Last Weekend?
Oh lets pray its not, took 2 1 hour drives today. Slight vib at 4-5K. I think I'll rotate the drive shaft 180 on the diff, see if that helps. Over the winter. My 5 point GForce Camlock belts were picked up this week. I'll install them over the winter. Over all its been a good year, lots of work over the winter with a clear vision of moving fast next spring.

18 Nov 06 Out And About In The GT6
This I used the GT6, yep went to a few stores. It was a good test of everything since the rebuild. A few things I need to check. 1 dr glass, keeps coming off the rails. 2 dr exhaust is touching the camber bar, need to finish the tunnel. Ah hell lots to do over the winter point is she's running again.

18 Nov 06 I Need Seats
I spotted these online, but the seller of the car has no details. If anyone knows where I can find something like these, please email me. Looking for 5 point harness holes. Thanks.

16 Nov 06 Roll Bar Installed
The results speak for themselves. Pictures. Details. Wonderful job Stu, highly recommended.

12 Nov 06 5 Speed Gear Box Works!
Swapped out the bearing. Yeah it works. Thank you Dad, 4 hours of hard work, it was cold, wet and I smacked myself in the head with the torque wrench. It was worth it all, my GT6 is back on the road. Still some small stuff left to fix. See my 5 speed gearbox conversion for details.

07 Nov 06 5 Speed Gear Box Conversion Update
Its been a busy month as a daddy and as a worker, so the GT6 has not seen any wrench time till tonight. Pulled the exhaust, drive shaft and bolts. Getting ready to remove the 5 speed this weekend. See my 5 speed gearbox conversion for details.

07 Oct 06 5 Speed Gear Box Conversion Update
Well its been an interesting few days. Progress is being made after a lot of problems. In a nutshell the kit is perfect for a spit, but not so much fun for a GT6. See my 5 speed gearbox conversion for details.

05 Oct 06 5 Speed Gear Box Conversion Update
Worked on the box tonight, view my 5 speed gearbox conversion for details.

04 Oct 06 5 Calm Calm Calm, Breath
Parts arrived today, Postman put the note on the door, I'll collect the bell housing in the afternoon and with some luck I'll get it installed.

I'm so sick of the lack of pace of customs. I've had it. USPS/Customs/Can Post YOUR ALL FIRED. Next time its FEDEX. I'm pissed off & tired of waiting all the time. Not driving my car in Sept has really effected me in a negative way, I'm moody as all hell. I really do think getting out in the GT6 and driving helps me balance life and all its curves. Not that I have a hard life, but a good drive is a little bonus, put that extra spring in my step and I can deal with anything and keep grinning. I don't know I'm rambling time to go to work. I installed the new clutch and speedo cable last night.

01 Oct 06 5 Speed Gear Box Conversion Page
I've setup a page to document my 5 speed gearbox conversion.

29 Sept 06 Gear Box Arrival
My order of a 5 Speed Gearbox from Frontline Spridget arrived today, everything looks good. Click to view the images.

23 Sept 06 3 Weeks Of Hell
I was hoping to be spending my birthday weekend in the garage, but no trans, no bell housing. BOOOOO. I spent 5 yrs restoring the car, but this has been hell. I've been told I'm a miserable SOB since the GT6 was side lined. I just pray I make the Oct driving season. I plan on driving the snot out of her.

09 Sept 06 Waiting Sucks
God, this is so painful, I missed out on the MCO Solo II event. I could have run the Mazda, but its due for an oil change and brakes. So I decided it was not worth harming it. Helmet is still not here yet. I hate USPS. Canada Post and Customs. How can it take so long to come from the US? Oh well. Sunday I'll get into the garage, clean the place out. I will take off the clutch and clean the int out. All the tools are inside the car. In Oct I plan on redoing some of the garage so I can push the car in a little deeper. Make room for the blower. Other news, the MCO is going to be at the Calabogie, I'll so be there. Hope to run the last MCO Solo II event in early Oct. New problem. The front end on the GT6 is so low with the new springs, I'm going to look for a new floor jack, either one from CTC or Princess. Don't want to spend the money, but at the rate I jack up cars.... Anyhow waiting for the gear box, I really hope Frontline comes through. One last thing. I'm considering a full comp roll bar. I can use it to hang the belt off and after the failure last weekend, the "what if" thoughts entered my head. So I'll look local if not I'll order one.

05 Sept 06 Transmission Pull
Theory time, I am now wondering if the bell housing had a small fracture crack in it, this grew from the vibrations before the shaft was tuned up. Finally the cracks separated the bell housing from the gear box which twisted. The twist cracked the back half of the box and the forces at play caused the u joint caps to pop off the shaft. I really must have gotten out of gear at the right time, because when I stopped there was no clutch as the slave had no contact with the clutch arm, the pin is MIA too. The fly wheel and clutch look fine, the gearbox internal look fine, the input shaft and main shaft feel good and the diff flange is good too. So the above theory might just be valid.
Click to view the images.

04 Sept 06 Recap Of Saturday Sept 2nd
1. Seat is now lowered and reclined. I removed the bump stops off the back of the seat and then used washers to raise the front, should be enough to clear my helmet.

2. G-Force lap and anti sub straps installed. Used the stock locations for the lap belt and drilled a new hole for the sub strap. I will get some plates for extra reinforcement. Shoulder straps are a work in progress. I will have to build a cross bar. But have a few ideas.

3. Exhaust lifted. The rear Y pipe was resting on the camber bar. Raised and strapped in place. Much better.

4. Plugs & carbs. The plugs were clean, too clean so I went down a 1/4 turn on the carbs. Will go another 1/4 shortly.

The day was going well, after I set up the new carb mixture I decided I needed to go for a run to see if I could go over the 5000 RPM mark in 4th gear. Well she made it, but not for long. Along a farm road, the gearbox let go. Like I mentioned, I was in 4th gear near 5000 RPM. The was a huge BANG and then smoke, I was off the power and out of gear right away. The car did wiggle a bit, but I kept it straight and pulled over quickly after. Shut down, poked my head down and saw transmission fluid pouring out over the hot exhaust. Hence the smoke. I called for help and we towed the car home. Could not go over 30 KPH because the drive shaft would shake the transmission.

The early news is bad, I removed the tunnel and found fluid at the front of the cover, the bell housing is cracked all around the casing. The clutch pin and arm are missing or damaged. The drive shaft spins, but you hear damage inside of the box, the engine spins so I am hopeful nothing has happened to that. Pictures from today's early exam. I will jack the car up after work, remove the exhaust, drive shaft and pull the transmission. I have a new box on order and will source a bell housing or repair this one.

I will say this, I'm grateful nothing bad happened that day, no one was hurt, my driving training kicked in and I recovered the car right away. God knows what could have happened if the rear end had locked up. Its a shame I'll miss the Solo II event in Sept, but I'll make the Oct one. So it will be a few weeks before the replacement parts are on hand, but I will take his time to clean the car up and get it ready.

02 Sept 06 KABOOM!
Ah the month was starting off so good, but today that came to a spectacular end. Last week I announced my intension to go Solo II racing with the MCO. My first appearance was set for the 9th of Sept and I was busy making mods to suit my new racing format. New Triumph Tune Springs. Suspension setup was great, the engine was developing all kinds of power, but on Saturday. The transmission let go. I've been sidelined for the next few weeks while I wait for a replacement to come in. Picts of the aftermath. I will remove the exhaust, drive shaft and dead 4 speed on Tuesday. Annyoying part is we, fixed the vib and Thurs and Friday the car ran and felt great. Ruined my weekend.

22 Aug 06 Shafting The Bad Vibs
Tonight Dad and I tackled the drive shaft, I added 2 clamps to the shaft. Now I can cruise at 4500 RPM in 4th and only just feel a little vibe. I was looking at the driver rear wheel, I think the drum is not true. I'll test this soon. Next up is the links mod for the rear, I realized I did not have spacers, so we focused on the drive shaft. At least she is running even better.

21 Aug 06 Post Kingston Review
We got wet. To be honest it was a loud & tiring run. The 4.11 diff really killed the car on the long segments, running at 4000RPM sucked back the gas and the vibration just wore me out. Aside from that, I was pleased with the car. She behaved and showed nicely, despite looking like a dirty pig after the rain. I'm going to skip the OVTC Aug meeting tomorrow and work out some of these issues. First, rear camber. Dean reported to me that I still had positive camber in the rear on Sunday's run. I could feel it too. So following Dave Powell's lead I'm going mod the rear links to induce negative camber. Then I will deal with the shaft's vibration with the hose claps. I'm not taking that shaft out unless I'm installing a new trans or diff. Pictures from Kingston. Click to view the images.

21 Aug 06 Spoofing
Today I got a report that my domain name justdrive.ca is being spoofed. So if you get crap from justdrive.ca its not me nor my server. I hate spam just as much. I've tried hunting for the bastards, but the ip of the offending mail servers switches so there is nothing I can do. The internet does suck. Again sorry if your getting spam.

18 Aug 06 Preparing For Kingston
So, we're busy getting the GT6 ready for the Kingston run with the OVTC on Sunday. New spark plugs NGK's, new halogen headlamps, re-tuned the carbs and fixed the centre linkage after a broken bolt cause the carbs to go off sync. Working on the alignment and what not. Over all she is really coming together. Click to view the images.

12 Aug 06 The Quest
So I'm still not sure what box to put into the GT6, but while I've been thinking of this, I've been trying to decide what I want out of my GT6. Here is what I've come up with so car.

1. Cruiser. So a new transmission is needed. 5 speed of OD, I'll get into that later. As a cruiser, I am happy with it so far, the 4.11 diff may go down to a 3.89 overtime. I could be a cheap ass and just install a 3.27 diff, but I love my 4.11.

2. Comfort. I have to say I love the seats in the GT6 Mk1. The only thing I need to finish off sealing out the heat. 36 inside for the last run. The interior will have to be replaced over time, I'll do the door panels over the winter and make some carpets. The kit stuff can come later in life. Other performance items will take propriety for now.

3. Performance. Only a few things I want to look into, so far I'm happy with how the engine is running. I might get headers ceramic coated to reduce the head, but so far all is well even on the hottest Ottawa days. If I pull the headers, I may have the head ported, they say some gains can be made here, but I doubt much. Plus I do want to keep the early MK1 engine tamed to keep it happy. Last on the list is an oil cooler or remote filter. Ottawa gets hot, but not like Texas. Still if I go lapping it might be required.

4. Lapping & Solo II. Yes in time I do want to go lapping with my baby. So all above listed come into play. Cooling, power and safety. So maybe a electric fan, but the rad and stock fan have been doing well. Belt, I may buy some 4 points we'll see. Helmet for xmas :). The above mention cooler or more likely remote filter. And I'd probably buy some 13" wheels and tires for lapping. No need to harm my 15's.

5. Long Trips & Camping. In the future I want to do things like Mosport, but have on earth do I fit my camping kit into the back of the GT6, my tent and sleeping bag are huge. I'm a big guy. So I'm considering a trailer. Lots of great info on how to install a hitch and lots of great small trailers out there. Hey could use it to carry the track wheels to the track.

Summary, I want it all. I love my GT6 and the above seems to be all obtainable, might cost me some money, but that's life. The next big challenge will the gear box. Its more a personal what's right or wrong. This weekend I will do the alignment and a few other items before the Kingston run.


This evening our 6 year old cat Tigress passed away. Tigress is a loved member of our household and her playful spirit will be greatly missed. Tigress and I would face off in a hockey shoot out daily, sometimes I'd win if she wanted me too. We love you little one. Sleep well tonight.

04 Aug 06 4 Speed with OD or 5 Speed?
That is the true question, they both will run me the same cost. One is a true Triumph part the other is a mod, the 5 speed will require some slight mods, but is stronger and might provide a smoother operation. The OD gives me a better final drive and would be easier to swap out. Oh joy. Other business I bought a new accelerator pedal, cable version off ebay. Something to install in the winter.

01 Aug 06 Suspension & Horn
So my horn was not working, well the button. The wire was moving off the back of the button, I soldered the wire to the back of the button, problem solved. Also the front end is getting better. I will still add more shims. Click to view the images.

27 July 06 The Quest For Mileage & A Slower Diff
I'm home sick today, just been dogging it for the past few days and I think it finally caught up to me last night, went be early and when I woke this morning I felt even worst. Laura booted me back to bed, but after a few hours I had to get up, back was sore from laying down. Anyhow, while I'm on reduced mental & physical loads today I got to thinking about my diff issues. The 4:11 is fun, but I'm lacking top speed. On the drive on Tuesday I could not really get over 4000RPM. According to James's Minty Lamb site.

4:11 60MPH @ 3655RPM

4:11 w/OD 60MPH @ 2924RPM (ODKit from Canley W/Shipping = $2615 CND)

3.89 60MPH @ 3460RPM (Only 200RPM less, hardly worth the effort)

3.63 60MPH @ 3228RPM (Again only 400RPM less)

3.27 60MPH @ 2900RPM (I might consider this if I can find one)

Yes I might if I could find a 3.27 go back to the stock gear, I'd loose my acceleration off the line, but lets face it, I'm running down Honda Civic's here. I'd gain back some fuel mileage and top speed for long road trips. The GT6 is more of a grand touring car anyhow.

19 July 06 Suspension Progress
Last night Dad and I removed the spacers located in the shocks. I also dialled in the front Spax 5 clicks and rear 3, the under steer feels like its gone, once the front settles down, camber will be done and alignment. More work to come on Thursday. Click to view the images.

15 July 06 Ottawa British Car Show
One word can sum up this day for me. WOW! The GT6 was voted #1 at the car show by the 155 other car owners. I can simply say thank you. What a day. I spent a lot of it talking to people about the GT6 and how I came to own it and then restore it. So many nice comments on how well it turned out, I had a little boy come up and ask if he could sit in the drivers seat, how could I refuse. Despite the tropical inspired rain fall the event was a success, congrads to the organizing crew. On a technical side, the run to and from the show went very well. Engine is very strong. I'm beat, but enjoy the 90 images. Some by me and others by my father. Again, thank you everyone. Click to view the images.

12 July 06 GT6 AWESOME @ Speed
Took the GT6 out for a run with Bob tonight, want for a good 20min drive, then we took off with Bob trailing, my Speedo is off. So I'll have to work on that. Bought a 2nd fire ext and some more carpet. Check out gallery, a few Place picts and some trim work.

04 July 06 News Update
So a lot happened after the cruise night, I got the door panels installed on the 29th of June. Then on the 30th the appraisal took place. Once that was done, I really started to relax and enjoy my July 1st long weekend. Tonight, I tightened the bolts on the oil pan, I'm leaking a bit up front, so doing what I can to tame that. Then took Laura out for a small drive. After that, I loaded up the spare tire, jack and tools. Going to go to Place again on Wednesday.

28 June 06 Place D'Orleans Cruise Night
For the first time in 5 years the GT6 went public. The response was out standing. To the point I only got 5 picts from the evening, I was too busy talking. My father, the in laws and friends, Trevor Boicey & my boss all came out too see the GT6's debut. She was a crowd pleaser for sure, the kids seem to really like the fact they could actually look inside of the car. All in all, I'm a very happy owner. I put in a full day working on the car to get it ready, so I have to thank Laura for giving me the time. Click to view the images.

27 June 06 Rainy Day
That said, I managed to get a lot done even with all the rain. I hope to make a lot of progress on Wednesday, and go to the Place D'Orleans Cruise Night. Fixed a few issues and the new spring on the throttle shaft works great, I'll get a 2nd one as a back up. Over the winter I'll look into a wire set up or find a way to reduce the slap in the shaft. Found a cheap audio set up that lets me use my MP3 player, some cheap computer speakers, but the nice thing is they run on 12volts DC, so I'll hook them into car this week. Click to view the images.

26 June 06 Monday Report
Today Dad and I tackled a lot of the 2 person installs. I then went for a nice spin around Orleans. More progress on Tuesday pending the weather holds out.
- Headliner (Done)
- Front Chrome Window Trim (Done)
- Hand brake (Done)
- Door Locks (Done)
- Door Glass (Done)
- Side 1/4 Windows (Done)

25 June 06 Life, Work, Kid & Triumph
So its been an intense few days at work, I'm taking the week off to get the GT6 ready for the appraisal, that will be on Friday, it will take a week to get the paper work done, then Lant Insurance said it will take a week on their side to review the papers and update my policy. Mid of July is the ABCD show, I'll be there. SO we're hauling azz and I'm doing my normal magic balancing everything to ensure, Laura and & James see me :). Some pictures from today. Click to view the images.

24 June 06 Carbs Problem Is Fixed
Saturday saw the resolution of a rather big problem, turned the front carb float was sticking and not refilling the chamber, so I was running off the rear carb only. Once that was fixed, she ran like a beast. Thanks for all the input into the problem. Click to view the images.

It was the delco dizzy. The gaps were off and the point was not sitting level and the advance was too far forward. So we fixed that, then we timed the car to 10 degrees, with some Sunoco 94 octane and adjusted the carbs. Holy shit, there I swore, but damn, she's got power. I'm very happy. But another problem has come to light. The driver rear studs are messed up again, I'll order new studs, I just hope I don't have to do a new flange. Click to view the images.

06 June 06 June In Jeopardy
Oh dear, I'm loosing to the restore gods, another day lost to situations beyond my control. If I keep loosing time like this I wont make a driving day in June. What do I have to sacrifice to succeed? My first born? A virgin? hehehe. Oh well, if I can't make it to the OVTC meeting on the 27th I'll aim for the Brit car show in July. I already know I'm not going to Mosport, too much on the go and Laura needs me at home.

03 June 06 Details From June 1st.
On the engine.
Fixed a few oil leaks, still have 2 to sort out, one on the timing chain cover, I think its a screw and the sender setup for the oil gauge off the gallery. Have a fix just need to buy the connector. I will have to drain the rad to address 2 coolant leaks. The gasket for the elbow is leaking so sealant and the big hard pipe to the pump body, I need to put some teflon tape. I will also try and get the water valve down a few more turns.
We timed and tuned her Thursday night. So not so rich anymore and idling nicely.
So its steady progress, but did not go for a drive due to the above mentioned leaks.

Today is another raining Saturday, I am feeling effects of a night of taking care of James and low sleep, I salute Laura and all the moms out there. Today I will get out to CTC and HD to buy some of the pieces needed to address the above mentioned tasks. Bob on Thursday brought me some hand brake pieces, mainly the handle spring assembly, THANKS BOB. Thursday was fun, all the guys (Mike, Steph, Mario, Bob, James and I) had a good beer and bottle for James after a great night of work. The GT6 is coming closer and closer to a run around the block.

28 May 06 9 Hours Of Triumph.
I'm hot, sun burnt, tired but very happy. Today Myself, Dad and Mike were working on the GT6 from 930AM-630PM. We did it, she runs, but it took a lot of effort.

1. Radius arm, the passenger side would not bolt on, I ended up using my welder to fix the spinning nut.

2. For the past 3 weeks I've been looking for my 1/2" socket. Found it, down inside the bell housing. We extracted that with a magnetic tool.

3. Oil pump was not spinning. We grounded the tip off a wood chisel and used it with a drill to get the pressure up. Then reseated the drive gear. Oil pressure showed up right away.

4. Fuel pump leaked like a SOB, replaced some hoses and took care of the leaks. Works great now.

5. Oil sender defective, swapped it out.

6. Tach is not working will check or replace it right away. It worked for the first start.

7. Leaking oil from gauge sender unit on block, will fix that.

8. Leaking oil from back of valve cover and timing change, will fix those.

But yes after all those issues the GT6 fired up and idles just fine. I need to tune and check everything. We drained the oil after the first tests, no water or crap in the oil. The carbs a rich, will tune them next. I wanted to time the engine, but my light was not working. Grrr. Over all a big thank you to everyone. The guys for all their help and specially Laura who waited for her supper which was 2 hours late because we wanted to get this done. PS I drove the car into the garage! Click to view the images.

26 May 06 Lights On My GT6.
Back from my work trip, I got my order from Spitbits today so I put the head lamps on. Sunday we are going to try and start the engine. Click to view the images.

21 May 06 Rain, Work & Baby.
All are proving as a challenge to my progress. Oh well, I have no control of any so why worry. Today the clouds broke and an hour and a bit so I made use of it. The tank mount fix is coming along, the hatch now closes and the tank vent is done. Once the tank is finished off, I'll install the rear lights. Next weekend we hope to fire. I really want to drive to the June OVTC meet. Click to view the images.

18 May 06 Rain So Tired Of It.
Its been nothing but crappy weather here in Ottawa, even tonight we got wet. At least I finally made it out for a GT6 time. Got the tank in, but Mike is encouraging me to make 1 more mount. I have a question, on the tank I have a drain, originally it ran out the tank, through the floor and out of the car, I noticed the fuel cap has a vent. Should the drain be connected to the cap? Click to view the images.

09 May 06 Bumpers.
Nothing over the weekend or Monday. Today the rear bumpers arrived, they look ok at least they are straight. Wednesday is a planned GT6 night. Click to view the images.

04 May 06 Working The Lines.
Well I went about hooking stuff up, filter for the fuel line, adjustments for the fuel lines, wiper pump and what not. Click to view the images.

04 May 06 Hunt For Fittings.
I was looking for some fittings from to hook up my oil pressure gauge. I knew the fittings were 1/8", but the only kits I could find were from Jegs or Summit. So I went to Home Depot and found some 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor fittings and some 1/4" copper tubing. I'll run the line soon. Mission accomplished. Click to view the images.

03 May 06 Electrifying Day.
The electrical system is all but done. Dad and I made great progress, we still need to wire up the front end, but the dash is all but done. I need to deal with the oil press connections, some parts for the rear hatch and a few other odds and sods. All in all good progress today. I won my bid on ebay for some rear lower bumpers. 10.50US and with the strong Canadian dollar, its a good deal. Steph dropped by and did all the hoses on the front end. We're getting closer and closer. Click to view the images.

02 May 06 Updates.
A week has passed since I updated this page. Last week dad and I did a lot of wiring, we'll continue the same this week. Today I put the heat shield material on the underside of the transmission tunnel. Should provide a nice heat barrier. Click to view the images.

26 Apr 06 Purchasing & Rain.
Well I was trying to work on the car when the skies opened up on me. So Thursday will be a full day of Triumph. I need a break. Being a new daddy has its moments of pure joy and happiness, but almost as many lower points. I guess I'm still learning and adjusting. Laura and I are about to go out for some ice cream since the rain has shut down my Triumph work. The garage is a mess so moving around is impossible. Purchases;

-Bike Brake Cables X2 (Heater controls)
-1/4 Fuel Hose 48”
-SS Hose Clamps 1/4” & 1/2”
-MotoMaster 72 Car Battery (A good friend offered me a free one, but I feel safer with a new unit under the bonnet, but thank you Harald.)
-Wiper Hose 80”
-3M Spray
for headliner
-42" Fan Belt
-MotoMaster Oil Filter X2
-Castrol GTX 20w50 Motor Oil 4.4L X4
-Preston Premixed Coolant X2
-Rubber for latch
-Bolt for rear bumper

20 Apr 06 Busy Few Days.
Wednesday I had my fuel tank blasted, steam cleaned and rubber coat painted. Wednesday night Steph and I continued our work, Bob and Mike showed up for a visit. And today Steph and I worked from 10am to 4pm, got lots done, we are within striking distance of starting the engine. I know she looks a little scattered right now, but my goal is simple, run the car. If something bugs me and its just cosmetic, I'll fix it next winter. Click to view the images.

17 Apr 06 5 Years Of Triumph Ownership!
Happy Easter everyone. Today marks 5 years of owning my GT6. I hope to get out to take a better photo to mark the occasion, but right now my duties as a daddy and husband overrule. I want to do a father and son photo with the GT6 soon. Click to view 5 years of GT6. I did manage to get out and click off a few pictures. And then install the door latch on the driver side. Note, the setup will need some work because now my door hangs out a bit from the body. And the lock hole on the door is just a touch too narrow to accept the lock. I will have to work this out. Click to view the images.

14 Apr 06 Glass Trim.
Just a quick session in the garage. I was actually hunting for the engine ground wire and the starter's cable. They were in with some old parts I've been storing. I also installed the glass trim on the rear hatch. I had to ensure I had the right one too, Rimmer lists them as 2 part #'s but I think they are the same. Click to view the images.

13 Apr 06 Seats Installed.
Progressing along despite the colder weather. Click to view the images.

11 Apr 06 Tuesday's Work.
Aligned the bonnet, installed passenger door and got that rear hatch glass installed. Thanks Dad. Saw my dash. Looking good. Click to view the images.

09 April 06 Life Update.
So on April 5th 2006 @ 6:08PM I became a daddy. Our little boy James was born. Mother and baby are doing great. We have been home since Friday and adjusting to our new lives. I still have some freedom during the days and early evenings so life is not too bad. Today I even had a change to play with the GT6. Click to view the images. That said, I'm using my time wisely so the updates might not come as often now, but I will continue to post picts so check the gallery often. Thank you to every one in the British sports car community for your kind words. Laura, James and I appreciate it.

04 April 06 Parts Evening Update.
So bear with me, the site might get a little neglected over the next few weeks. Today was my last day at work. We figure the baby will arrive in the next few days most likely before the weekend. Its a very nervous frightening wonderful time for Laura and I. My heart is pounding so loud I can hear it in my head. Now we wait. Mazda is fueled. Bags are packed. Daddy is on high alert. In Triumph news I called Joe Curto today, the carbs will ship in the morning with new bushings, shafts and butterflies. $110.00 US before shipping. The bonnet will arrive Wednesday afternoon. I hope to be here. Stay tuned for pictures. And finally tonight I continued wiring, Dad came over and we test fit the dash, he showed me the sample for the stain. We're good to go. I will try and get more work done in the morning. I'm close to home and it focuses my attention. :)
. Click to view the images.

04 April 06 Update.
Still no baby, not even a contraction. The painter finished the bonnet on Monday and we're planning a Thursday delivery. For the bonnet that is :) I'll have Wilf show me how he mounted those rear bumpers.

01 April 06 Parts Update.
So not a daddy yet, but I'm staying clean and near by my wife. I did snap a few shots of my some parts that have come home. I talked to Joe Curto on Friday, even though the carbs arrived in NY on Monday he wont be looking at it till today. On the parts, Brian Mills AKA Doc passed me back my 2 delco units. He is not impressed, but got one of them working so I can run for now, he suggest I go hunting for a TR6 Lucas unit. Wilf passed me the templates for the glove boxes. Click to view the images.

31 Mar 06 In Recovery.
Its been a very challenging few days. Tuesday after the OVTC meeting I went to work, but did not get out of the office until 2AM, back in for 8AM worked on Wednesday will 12AM, back in for 10AM and worked till 11PM on thursday, in at 7AM on Friday. So naturally I'm just a little tired and ah hell I don't know tired. No GT6 fun for a few days. Maybe Sunday, but we'll see. I need a nap.

28 Mar 06 OVTC Nite.
Going to the club meeting tonight, I'm going to pick up my distributor from Doc and view his fuel tank. On Sunday I did more work, oh and my carbs arrived at Joe's on Monday. Click to view the images.

25 Mar 06 Doors & Wheels.
Today I did a few quick jobs on the GT6 and installed a door for a photo shoot. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

23 Mar 06 Fuel & Clutch Work.
More steady progress, Mike and Bob were over tonight and between the three of use we made a great deal of progress. Alternator tensioner mods, clutch line and bleeding. Fuel system and much more. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

22 Mar 06 Quick Night.
This seems to be the theme of the past 2 days, quick nights. Last night dad and I worked on the dash and some wiring, tonight I start to drill the batt box hole, but need a 7/8 drill bit to finish it off, also cleaned the cabin out, it was getting out of hand. I hammer the lip holding the seal for rear hatch down a touch, seems to help.

20 Mar 06 Quick Trip.
Its always fun to go to the Canadian Tire Parts Counter and have them call up the parts list for the GT6, today I bought a new 180 degree stat. A high flow model, Part# 14-4101-4. Click to view the images.

19 Mar 06 Sunday Update.
I snapped some picts of my carbs, they will be going out for repairs. I think, I will talk to some local help first. When I went out to take my picts, I discovered the clutch MC is work, must have been an air pocket. Click to view the images.

19 Mar 06 She's Fighting Me.
For those watching the NASS list, you'll know Thursday night I dropped a bolt and lock washer from the slave into the bell housing, well today we got it out. Not before I got a flexible grabber stuck. We braced the engine and trans. Then removed the bolts around the bell housing and pulled it back. Removed the flex tool it was trashed, got the lock washer and that damned bolt. Magnetic tools are handy. So after 3 hours we were back where we ended on Wednesday. Then we worked on the slave. The threads on the bell housing were stripped so we tapped them, used a new sized bolt and was done with it. I had to bore the slave to accept the new bolts and yes while working we coved the hole in the bell housing, then we tried to bleed the clutch, but again she fought back. Something wrong with the clutch master. I'll check it on Monday. I'm not even going to enter this in the restore file, too stupid. BTW looks like the carbs have to take a trip to the US.

15 Mar 06 Wednesday Evening Update.
After supper I went back out, attached a few water hose lines, put the alt on so I can sort out a mount for it, installed a few wiper parts and some door seals. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

15 Mar 06 Wednesday's Fun.
What a great day, it all went very well., the guys had some issues getting the exhaust system on, but with 3 keen minds at work, we sorted it out. Lots knocked off the list. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

14 Mar 06 Tuesday Night.
Just a quick 3 hours tonight, Dad and I did some small electrical stuff and installed the steering column. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

13 Mar 06 Dates From 2001.
I've been going over my records and it appears I had a few dates wrong in 2001. I did indeed buy my GT6 on 17 April 2001, but it was not trailed home till the 18th. So the photos I had listed for the 16th of April were actually from the 17th April 2001. Its all trivial, but now corrected. I discovered the error while updating my images for 2001. I went back to the records and found the bill of sale and the recite from the tow truck.

12 Mar 06 Weekend Update.
Friday I went to City Locksmith. They opened the rear hatch and made a copy of the ignition key for me, Saturday was wonderful and I made good use of it. I did a lot of little jobs checking all the bolts to ensure they are on spec for their torque settings. I have a lot more to check over, but I'm making them as I go. Sunday work got in the way so I'll have to make up for that later. Click to view the images.

09 Mar 06 Night Off.
Tonight will be a none triumph night, I know I know Thursday nights are usually action packed, but tonight I need to relax and kick this cold before it takes me down for the count. Also my very pregnant wife asked me to spend some time with her and watch the newly released Harry Potter. You do not refuse the request of a 9 month pregnant woman :). So sorry guys, we'll make up for the lost time this weekend.

08 Mar 06 Day Of Triumph.
Well despite me being under the weather, Steph and I made some good progress today. I would have liked to have done more, but I had issues with the rear brakes. That said, we still did well and knocked off a few items on the list. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

07 Mar 06 New Link.
Livia Haasper has graduated from surfer to master, she has her own space on the www. http://www3.sympatico.ca/wilivhaasper/ Oddly enough no shots of me or my car. Shez Livia, don't you know I'm famous hehehe. Stay tuned for Day of Triumph 2006, Wednesday Steph and I have the day off, watch out we're serious about our days off and getting this GT6 cracking.

02 Mar 06 The ENGINE IS IN!
Its very late so I'll do the Restore page later, but tonight all the guys chipped in and we installed the engine, Steph bought a new lift and we did it. I'm so happy. More to follow, now I must get to be. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

01 Mar 06 Callipers Done.
Installed, Thursday night I hope to finish the back brake lines and drums, bleed the system and be done with it. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

28 Feb 06 Hot Damn.
Tonight was a good night in the JustDrive Garage, I'm a happy GT6 owner. It took about 2 hours of heating, but the garage warmed up. I used some old curtains and lines them around the garage door, cut down on the draft. I made further progress on the brakes, will finish them off on Wednesday. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

27 Feb 06 Weekend Update.
Its a frosty Monday in Ottawa, so I'll find other things to do inside I did take some pictures from the work I did on Sunday. More efforts to come. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

23 Feb 06 More Issues.
It does not seem like anything is easy with regard to the rebuild of this car. Tonight some things made progress, but other issues were just painful and stupid, at least Steph and Bob were onsite to keep me from getting even more frustrated with these problems. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

22 Feb 06 @#&*%$ Rear Bumpers.
The time I spent in the garage is not even worth posting on the restore page. What a pain in the butt these things are to install. I gave up, I'll try again thursday and if I fail then I'm going to find 4 closed grommets and forget about rear bumpers. Plus side of the night I installed a PC to surf with while in the garage, handy for reference photos.

21 Feb 06 UPDATES.
Well I guess people get bored when I don't update the site, hehe sorry, lots going on with work and wife. But tonight we worked on the GT6, I picked up some new bolts and will mount the rear bumpers soon. Dad did some great work cleaning up the wires in the rear, while ran the front wires for tests. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

08 Feb 06 Wednesday Night.
Mike did gaskets for the transmission, Steph grinded the header for a better fit and I tested wires and fought with nuts and bolts. It was a good night in the garage, all be cold. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

05 Feb 06 Many Things.
Its been a busy few days new wheels, tires and toys.

29 Jan 06 Busy Sunday.
Installed parts, discovered many issues, sliced my thumb and much more, but still got a lot done. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

28 Jan 06 Test Mounting
Took advantage of the nice weather and mounted the wheels. Click to view the images.

27 Jan 06 Spitbits Delivery.
Some new parts from Spitbits. Click to view the images.

26 Jan 06 Running Lines.
Mike and I started on the fuel line and brake lines, we did not get too far as I wanted to verify the paths. Not feeling too hot either head cold, sore body and killer hiccups. Its been a tough 48hrs. Restoration Page.

25 Jan 06 Brakes, Over Riders & Heater.
Painted some parts, took apart the front brakes and bolted on the rear bumper mounts. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

22 Jan 06 Sunday's Quickie.
Rather disappointing, I only was able to get an hour in before family commitments drew me away from the GT6, but I did run the rear harness. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

21 Jan 06 Saturday's Work.
Saturday saw some nice work, I would have had more time, but I had to clear the snow that was put in my drive way by the plow. I installed parts on the body and wrapped the rear harness. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

19 Jan 06 More Blasting.
Dropped off the 2nd distributor to Brian today, then blasted the grill and 4 over riders. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

18 Jan 06 Blasting Away Time.
This afternoon I visited Bill the painted of my GT6, he had to do a quick polish on the rear hatch, looks great and it was nice to finally meet him in person. Thanks Bill. Then it was off to Brian's AKA "Doc" of the OVTC, Brian is looking after my distributor and needed my coil to match them up, too bad the unit is showing its age, but we'll see what we can do about that. While I was there I took the chance and made use of his extremely well built sand blasting booth. It made quick work of my intake and other dirty, old painted parts. I may have to make a return visit. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

17 Jan 06 Wiring Harness Repairs.
Dad and I started working on the wiring harness for the rear of the car, only 2 nicks the rest was just adding where I had to cut to remove the old lights. So some new wires and new booties for the flashers and rev lamps. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

14 Jan 06 Rear Hatch & Valance Come Home.
While at the OVTC Winter Bash, Wilf and I transferred some parts. All that remains is the bonnet which will come home when I'm ready to install it, no room in the inn. Its bad enough i'm storing all the parts in my closet and the baby's room. Click to view the images.

14 Jan 06 Damaged Wheel Pictures.
Pictures of the wheel P.Jacques broke. Click to view the images. Check the Wheels Section for more details.

12 Jan 06 A Few Thou.
Tonight was all about the math. Mike, Bob and I went about measuring the specs for my transmission, not bad, but out by 8-10 thou, we'll correct that with some thrust washers and get it back together. Restoration Page.

11 Jan 06 Horrible Day.
The wheel shop killed a rim and we could not get the front windshield frame on. Testing the very core of my Triumph Soul. Restoration Page.

10 Jan 06 Transmission Work.
Mike and I went back to work on my transmission, but had to stop due to missing information about the end floats for the main shaft. My Haynes manual has some weaknesses. Restoration Page.

10 Jan 06 Rims Sent Out For Repairs & Paint.
Yesterday I dropped my rims off. Today they were picked up and taken to Montreal for repairs and paints check my Wheels Section for more details.

06 Jan 06 Riding On Sticky Rubber This Spring.
Order some nice tires today, Yokohama ADVAN A032R.

04 Jan 06 Clutch & Brake Master Rebuild.
The clutch and brake masters were rebuilt tonight, while Bob worked on the final touches of the B-Quiet install. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

03 Jan 06 Clutch Slave Rebuild.
Tonight I tried to work on the trans, but got frustrated so I went to town on the slave. Its rebuilt and ready for action with Dot 5. Click to view the images. Restoration Page.

03 Jan 06 Painted Parts Come Home.
Today I met Wilf and picked up the doors and windshield frame, can only fit so many parts into the car and wanted ensure nothing would get scratched. Click to view the images.

01 Jan 06 Restoration Images.
Fresh images of freshly painted GT6 parts. Only thing left is the bonnet. Click to view the images.

01 Jan 06 - Action Plan 2006.
Well the count down to spring is on, welcome to 2006. I have a lot of hope and dreams for '06. In little more the 13 weeks the GT6 has to be squared away. Testing and shake downs will take place in April and May. I've changed the Restoration Page a bit, when I have time I will attempt to compress the work done on the GT6 into a more easy reading format. So here is too 2006, see you on the roads.

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