2002 News & Progress.

Back To Work.
[12/21/02] - Well life has many stupid twists in it and sometimes it feels like I will never get my GT6 done. At any rate after 2 weeks of not having time I finaly got to work on the car today. Getting closer to being ready rebuild the chassis. Click here to view pictures.

Restoration Progress 2002.
[12/21/02] - I've updated the Restoration Progress 2002 page. To view my progress check out the technical info area or click here.

New TSI Parts Arrive.
[12/11/02] - Well the cold bug bite me. Slowing me down, anyhow the parts I orded from TSI came. Front Carbon Kevlar pads and Kevalr rear shoes. Ted also had the pass. side vertical link. Click here to view pictures.

Dash Works 2.
[11/09/02] - Got a chance to see some more work my father is doing for the dash & wood. I was expecting the extra gauges to be sunk into the radio mount, but I like what he did using silver background. I dropped off all my gauges so he can check the holes. Next is the centre piece with all the switches. Click here to view pictures.

Transmission Number Located.
[11/08/02] - While working on the trans for its new paint I found the numbers. To view my GT6's stats click here.

First Snow.
[11/07/02] - Well it came about a month early, now go away.

Garage Work.
[11/02/02] - Today I spent all day in the garage, picked up a cart for the Mig welder and painted the motor. It looks like a big blue smurf. Click here to view pictures.

Rimmer 4 of 4.
[10/25/02] - Maybe I should title this one "loose nuts." Funny the one package customs did not open arrived in perfect conditon the other one not so great. The look on the UPS guy's face was great when he brought the box in and stood it up. I will have to file with Rimmer to get the missing nuts, bolts and pieces resent. Click here to view pictures. I'm very happy with my Rimmer order and recommend them.

Rimmer 2 of 4.
[10/24/02] - Today some of my Rimmer order came. I'd like to that this time to award the bone head award to Canada Customs. They cut open the boxes for inspection and damaged some parts. I'm dealing with the issue and sending a rather nasty letter to them. Click here to view pictures.

Mig with gas.
[10/23/02] - Did my first weld. Ok not too pretty, but its a step forward. Click here to view pictures.

The body was green?
[09/21/02] - Well this confirms a few thing. I do believe the body on my GT6 is a donor. This morning I was removing the clips that hold the transmission cover down when I found the paint. I had discoved some on the rear hatch during the tear down. Click here to view pictures.

Dash wood.
[09/18/02] - As a gift, my father is building me a new dash for the GT6. It will match the shift knob from VB. Should look nice. Here are some shots of the wood cut. Still some fine turning needed. We had thought about doing the dash as 1 piece. Click here to view pictures.

Camber Compensator Arrives.
[09/10/02] - Its here. My camber compensator I order from Joe Curry. I placed the order on Aug 17th. My money order arrived at Joe's on the 24th. Same day Joe shipped the part. Picked it up at the post office today Sept 10th. I'm super pleased with the part and can't wait to fit to the chassis and then drive like a nut to test it. Click here to view pictures.

A little cleaning helps.
[09/07/02] - Tonight I took sometime to open up the storage area. I cleaned everything up and it helped refresh me on the state of parts. Click here to view pictures.

Photo Gallery Improvement.
[07/20/02] - With me taking so many pictures I've had too break up the gallery into 4 sections by months. To view my photo gallery click here.

Chassis is home.
[07/19/02] - Wilf dropped off the chassis this afternoon. Looks great. Click here to view pictures.

Shock Towers.
[07/17/02] - Spent the day working on the shock towers. It took about 4-5 hours, but I managed to remove paint. It was on good. We also repaired the pass. lower control arm. Thanks Mike. Click here to view pictures.

New Makita grinder at work.
[07/15/02] - I put my replacement grinder to the test after the red one died with only 3 weeks light to med. usage. Click here to view pictures.

13 hours, but well worth it.
[07/13/02] - Blasting, Marine Clean, Metal Ready, POR15 Semi Gloss and POR15 BlackCote. I'm very tired, but super super happy. Click here to view pictures.

Sanding my rust away.
[07/12/02] - God, what a day. Good and bad. Lots of progress, but my grinder died. I will return that. With some luck we'll be painting the chassis very soon. Liv and Wilf have been amazing in their efforts to help me. They have helped put the project back on time and maybe even pushed me ahead. Now I hope can keep up. Thanks you two.
Sand blasting is very hard work. 1 you can't see 2 the sand gets everywhere and 3 its slow.
Click here to view pictures.

Yellow Paint Job Graphic.
[07/08/02] - I must say I like what I see. Click here to view the graphic.

Passion for yellow.
[07/07/02] - My new inspiration (always was) for the car is being drawn from the Revington TR Italia. These pictures are from the October 2001 issue of TR World and the Revington TR site. The magazine sits on my computer desk and is always open to the car. Click here to view the Italia.

I've picked my colour.
[07/03/02] - Well what can I say. Lots. I spent the day sorting out some important issues for the GT6 project. First was the inside. I took the drivers seat and centre arm rest to a local upholster shop. As I suspected and feared my 33 yr old vinyl is well past it's prime. The tear in stitching on my drivers seat can not fixed and the threads in the cushion were also showing the effects of time. I began to flip through the colour options that the shop could offer. Nothing came totally close to the original shadow blue. With that information in hand I took off to the paint shop to order 2 cans of spray paint. 1, Wedgewood blue and the other a yellow that had caught both myself and my wife's attention. The shop told me to come back in 2 hours. When I returned they did not have the blue ready. I was told it was an older paint code and they were waiting for PPG to fax them info for the mix. I told them not to worry. It was fate. My GT6 is now clear to be yellow with a black interior. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

Spitfire Beer.
[07/02/02] - Mhh Beer... Livia and Wilf were kind enough to save me a bottle. I can't wait to try it. Still I figure if there was a GT6 beer it would have 2% more kick and would go down fast and smooth. Click here to view. BTW, I enjoyed that ale.

Lots of news.
[05/30/02] - I'll admit it, I've been bad. Been super busy and have not updated this site in almost 3 weeks. Other news I've had to move the site. So the 2001 photos had to be trimed to save space. Oh I took the motor off the chassis too. Click here to view.

Garage details.
[05/05/02] - I used Sunday to redo the garage layout now I can work in there and park the GT6 rig nicely. There is plenty of room and the only big change to the car was I removed the muffler so the garage car would close. Click here to view.

Body off the chassis.
[05/04/02] - Thanks to all that help. Only took a few hours and went very smooth, 50 images click here.

[04/17/02] - One year of Triumph Ownership!

House Cleaning.
[02/25/02] - I've been cleaning the website.

Back in the driver seat.
[01/15/02] - Well maybe not yet. Lots of snow, but I got a new digital camera. Starting Feb. I'm taking an auto body course. Should be fun this spring.

COLD Garage.
[12/28/01] - Tried to do some work on the car, but its too cold. I'm going to try and get some body work quotes.

Restoration Project Started.
[18/12/01] - The final colour is still up in the air, but I have started to strip down the ext. parts of the car. I removed the plates, Triumph logos and letters, mirrors, front grill, rear hatch strike plate and screws and rear inner hatch seal. To view my progress check out the technical info area or click here.