2001 News & Progress.

December 2001
14, After an amazing first half of December it has come Winter.

09, OVTC club meet GT6 is stored I could have been driving :( .

02, 4 hours of work and the GT6 is stored for the winter.

November 2001
29, Snow and freezing rain the season is over! Will do the oil change and prep for a long sleep.

18, Stud trouble. It took some time, but I removed the driver rear stud that striped. Lots a lug.

16, Installed my wheels. However ran into a problem with the driver rear. Will have to replace the studs.

09, Still running my GT6 weather is getting cold, but still going to run till the roads are salted.

04, On Sunday I meet John Cleroux of Ottawa he owns a beautiful 1969 GT6 MK2.

October 2001
27, Spin-on oil filter installed. Nice improvement.

14, Went up to the Gatineau Hills with the Triumph Club.

05, Installing Alloy Wheels.

September 2001
27, Order Spin-on oil filter and used Alloy Wheels.

02, Drove up to the Gatineau Hills.

August 2001
14, New alternator is installed. I have lights WOW!

July 2001
27, This evening while out driving the charging system failed. Needed a boost to get home.

17, Speedo tests, the club had a radar out to test our cars. She'll do 140km/h.

15, Installed heat shield on the bulk head and transmission casing. What a difference.

08, Took the 6 on our first rally, what a great day.

June 2001
27, Its been a busy month. Sorry for the lack of updates.

25, I have become the webmaster for Ottawa Valley Triumph Club.

24, OVTC Sporting & Classic Auto Show was a blast. Pictures to come.

20, Fixed my air filters, I used a round humidifier filter cut too size.

20, Local Cruise Night.

May 2001
27, Oxford Mills Car show and the OVTC lunch at Alex. A Great weekend.

24, Thank you Gary from the Ottawa Valley Triumph Club.

24, We tuned the carbs, points and timing last night. The GT6 really came to life.

24, Tech notes, tach off by -500 RMP;s was idling at 500RPM. Explains the shake.

24, Points were in bad shape, cleaned them up, will replace.

24, Right bank lean, left rich. All fixed now.

24, Throttle linkage not giving full gas, that's getting corrected fast.

21, What a weekend. I had so much fun driving the GT6 everywhere.

17, First highway test, I love it! More to come.

17, Battery problems linked to bad power regulator. Will test on weekend.

16, Went to the local cruise night, check out the pictures. Had a great time.

16, Took the GT6 over 80KKM/H interesting and scary.

16, Battery is leaking acid, will buy a new one. More money!

15, Replaced tires and steering bushing. GT6 passed Safety and got here plates.

09, Ordered a new speedo cable.

01, Cleaned fuel sender and replaced fuel gauge. Installed battery tie downs.

April 2001
28, Took the wheels off the car and worked on the brakes.

20, Washed the car, kinda an interesting experience. (Originally posted at the 19th of April)

18, Flat Bed Truck deliverers car to my home. Took a spin around the block.
(Originally posted at the 17th of April)
17, Purchased '68 Triumph GT6 Mark 1. Pictures.
(Originally posted at the 16th of April)
12, Found ad online.