GT6 Performance Modifications.
A collection of notes about the mods I've done to the GT6 over time


195/50HR15 360 A A

After all the craziness I saw with the wheels I'm pleased to say buying my tires went smooth. Originally I figured I would buy from an out of town source, but I found a really nice deal locally from O.K. TIRE & AUTO SERVICE (ORLEANS). Lamoureux Auto Centre Inc. Their team was super nice to me and had my wheels and tires set up in great time. Their staff paid attention to details and took care of my concerns and wheel. I'll be sure to be a repeat customer with them.

Joe Curry and I spent a great deal of time talking about what will work. At 195/50-15 I'm on spec from the original 155/80-13. We do have some concerns, but Joe has no clearance issues with his set up which is .5" larger on the tire and wheel width.

I will update this page and review the tire when I'm rolling. For now, I like how they look.


15x5.5" Minilite Replica Wheels

28 Jan 2006, Test fitting the wheels. I tested out my lug nut options. The wheels came with lugs, but my GT6 is set up with TR6 studs, but Fastco out of Montreal makes lugs that just fit. Perfect.

27 Jan 2006, My new wheels arrive. I ordered from Spitbits a set of 15x5.5" Minilite replica wheels. After looking at all my options I felt this was the best deal, 15" wheels have more tire options and will give my GT6 that something extra that I love.

14 Jan 2006, Pictures of the dead rim from P.Jacques. I'm currently looking for new rims, enough of this used stuff. It never seems to pay off for me. I end up pouring too much money making the parts new again.

11 Jan 2006, P.Jacques called today to tell me they broke one of my rims. Right now I have no further details, I'll see the rim on Thursday. I'm pissed to day the least. More to follow. Pictures of my rims before they were sent.

09 Jan 2006, I've dropped my rims off at a friends garage. They are being sent to P.Jacques in Montreal to be restore and painted. I had looked at replacing the rims, but its still cheaper to do it this way and I like the slotted rims over the common Panasport or Minilite replica wheels.

I'm hoping the rims can be painted in this colour.