Some project just happen, this is one of those. I'm not one to mix computer technology and my GT6 together. Its been my anti-tech toy. That all ended with this project, but the benefits will out way breaking this one rule. Its only a tiny one.

I see this conversion as a change to improve the car. After hearing the success stories from fellow Triumph owners I figured what the hey. So stay tuned as I tune in some digital ignition madness.


11 Dec 06 EDIS6 Parts
19 Dec 06 MJLJ Box Test
27 Dec 06 EDIS6 Parts Arrive

27 Dec 06 BOSCH & EDIS6 Coil

03 Jan 07 Trigger Wheel
05 Jan 07 Trigger Wheel CNC'd
22 Feb 07 EDIS Wiring
10 May 2008 MJLJ Work
24 May 08 EDIS Work
17 & 21 Dec 08 MAP
22 Dec 08 Rev Limiter
26 & 27 Dec 08 Limiter Install
28 Dec 08 Coil Stuff
29 Dec 08 MAP Options
01 Jan 09 MJLJ Wiring
04 Jan 09 Coil Mounted
05 Jan 09 MJLJ/EDIS
09 Jan 09 MJLJ Works!
07 Feb 09 Tach Drive
08 Feb 09 Tach Drive


Total 17 Dec 2008
$607.41 Canadian VS estimated cost for $700.00 Mallory (2367801) + MSD 6AL (PN 6420) + Lucas Pedestal

MJLJ 29 Nov 2006
MJLJ module from

$188.84 Canadian ($162USD)
$29.05 Canadian (Taxes on MJLJ 19 Dec 2006)

EDIS6 18 Dec 2006
EDIS6 Parts from Paul Tegler
EDIS6 module $30.00 USD, Coil Pack $35.00 USD, Trigger Sensor $15.00 USD, Shipping $22.80 USD
$122.03 Canadian ($102.80 USD)

$21.72 Canadian (Taxes on EDIS6 27 Dec 2006)

Trigger Wheel 21 Dec 2006
5.75" wheel with 1/2" pilot hole from
$81.06 Canadian (£19.99 + £15.00 shipping)

$19.20 Canadian (Taxes on Wheel 03 Jan 2007)

BOSCH Ignition Wires 27 Dec 2006
BOSCH Premium Wire Set from Canadian Tire (18-2324-8)
$49.00 Canadian

Trigger Wheel CNC 05 Jan 2007
$20.00 Canadian

MJLJ Order 09 Dec 2008
$25.00 US Rev Limiter + $5.00 US Cluster Light + $17.00 US Shipping

$61.39 Canadian ($47.00 USD)

MJLJ MAP Supplies 17 Dec 2008
6ft of silicon hose and 2 10-32 pressure fittings. Will be used for the MAP setup.

$15.12 Canadian


28 Nov 06 The Great Ignition Debate
So after the run 2 weeks ago, I had issue getting up over 4000 RPM in 4th and 5th gear. Its the Delco dizzy. Doc told me it would not do the job, he was right. So the hunt began. Do I replace the Delco with another distributor package. The racer Steve Smith suggested I look at a Mallory unit and MSD box that would give me a rev limit. Both awesome pieces of hardware but very $$$ to purchase. The UK crowd have been singing about the new kid on the market, 123 Ignitions. The Canadian Rep told me the 123 for my GT6 would cost me $425 and they would not have stock till February. Then I started reading about Mega Squirt, this interested me a lot, specially the idea of EFI, but after crunching the numbers, I ruled out the MS box, its over $300US. The UK guys then suggested the MJLJ. I looked over the options and specs. Very cool.

29 Nov 06 MJLJ Box Ordered
Tonight I ordered my MJLJ box after talking Brent Picasso, I should see it by XMas. Cost $150US + $12 for Shipping. Buying all the parts for kit, I estimated it would cost $130 before shipping. For $150 its built and tested for me. That's a no brainier.

30 Nov 06 Ford EDIS 6 Parts Hunting
I'm making calls to local car recycle yards. I need a EDIS6 module, 36-1 trigger disc, VR sensor & coil pack. According to the MS site, I can find these parts in 1990 Explorer, some Ranger, Bronco II, Aerostar 4.0. Paul Tegler is going to do a run of CNC trigger wheels. I hope to get one from him.

03 Dec 06 EDIS 6 Hunting Continued
Checking out options on EBAY, we'll see what it reviles. Also emailed Boost Engineering. They look to have kits.

04 Dec 06 MJLJ Shipped
Received a note from Brent Picasso telling me my MJLJ has box shipped.

11 Dec 06 EDIS 6 Parts
Paul Tegler came up huge for me, while out looking for some throttle bodies he was able to gather up some Ford EDIS 6 parts for me. I just have get a trigger wheel. Will check out once I have my pulley size. Paul, thanks so much man. I owe you huge.

18 Dec 06 MJLJ At The Post Office
Mr Post Man left the note my MJLJ box is here. $29.05 Canadian for taxes and fees. I'll pick it up on Tuesday. Paul shipped the EDIS parts, now I just need a trigger wheel.

19 Dec 06 MJLJ Test
Today I picked up the MJLJ box and conducted a test, she's alive and talking to the pc laptop I signed out from work. I call this progress.

21 Dec 06 Trigger Wheel Ordered
Today I ordered a 5.75" wheel with 1/2" pilot hole from The plan is to machine the centre out and then drill and tap it into place on the pulley. Chris from was very helpful. It will ship on the 22nd, should see it before New Years.

27 Dec 06 EDIS6 Parts Arrived
Just picked up my shipment from Paul T today, cost me $22 in taxes and fees. Now all I need is my wheel, Thursday I'll buy some spark plug wires. I was going to mount the coil on the block, but now see why it must be on the firewall bulk head. WOW heavy.

27 Dec 06 BOSCH Wire Set
Just returned from Canadian Tire with a set of BOSCH wires, I was pleased with the last set I used with the stock ignition, so I figured why not. I would love some of those fancy 8.2mm wires, but can't argue with a lifetime warranty and availability.

03 Jan 07 Trigger Wheel Arrived
Super slow Canada Post, the wheel arrived in Canada on the 22nd or 23rd of Dec, but did not get here till now. And to add insult to injury, I was charged duty on this piece.Oh well, I'll remove the pulley this week and see about having the wheel machined next week.

05 Jan 07 Trigger Wheel CNC'd
Took a spare pulley and the new trigger wheel and had it cnc'd to fit.

25 May 08 Trigger Wheel To Be Installed
Updated some links on this page and I'm finally getting to work on installing the kit.

09 Dec 08 v2 MJLJ Firmware updated to 2.8
Grabbed the MJLJ box and did the firmware update.

09 Dec 08 Ordered MJLJ Hard Rev Limiter & LED Cluster
Spent some money. On the Hard Rev Limiter module (Assembled) and a Cluster LED module (For shift light).

21 Dec 08 MAP Hardware& Intake
Just some pictures of the map hardware I will use to read the pressure off the intake manifold.

22 Dec 08 Rev Limiter Arrives
Limiter board arrived today along with the cluster light. Sweet.

Here an example of what the limiter will do.


27 Dec 08 V3 MJLJ Firmware updated to 3.2.1
After some reading/opening my eyes, I realized I do own a V3 MJLJ board, so I upgraded the firmware to reflect that. Firmware update. After the upgrade which will allow me to run the dual profiles, I put it to a test. A window pops up when I switch between 1 and 2, very cool. Next up I will work on the intake and see if I can get a working model in place shortly.

31 Dec 08 Figuring out the firing order.

My GT6 engine has a firing order of 1-5-3-6-2-4. The Ford EDIS firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6.

Coil 1 = Spark 1 & 6. Coil 2 = Spark 5 & 2. Coil 3 = Spark 3 & 4.

Got this infro off Sideway's site.

01 Jan 09 Coil Update.
After testing the coil make I've updated the firing order of the coil.

My GT6 engine has a firing order of 1-5-3-6-2-4. The Ford EDIS firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6.

Pin 1 = Coil A Spark 1&6
Pin 2 = Coil B Spark 3&4
Pin 3 = Coil C Spark 2&5 Pain
4 +12volt power from MJLJ Rev Limter

01 Jan 09 MJLJ Wiring.
A really busy day, check out the photos. Tested the coil pack, EDIS mod and sensor. Made a lot of progress wiring and sorting out the guts of the project. Next step will be to mount the coil, EDIS mod, sensor and MJLJ box in the car and adjust the wiring as needed. I'm really looking forward to all of this.

04 Jan 09 Coil Mounted.
Mounted the coil, cleaned up the breather piece and trimmed the sensor mount. The coil install was interesting, ran into a binding issue with the coil case and the threads on the bolts. Fixed that and carried on. Only 1 day left on my vacation, might get the system to work yet.

05 Jan 09 Installing Pieces.
Spent hours upside down in the passenger footwell. EDIS6 box, MJLJ box and the rest of the kit.

09 Jan 09 MJLJ WORKS Baby!
Tonight we hooked up the coil to the EDIS box. Locked the sensor in place, wiring note for the sensor. Pink to black wire, blue to red. This is the positive connection off the sensor. Covered the old coil cable with a heat shrink along with carb vac port. Remove the vac cable. I tapped power from the switch fuse box to power the MJLJ box. Will clean everything up after.

So yeah, she fired up right away. It was crazy, smooth and to the point. Set the rev limiter low and have some fun. Pictures. I will put the mig tip too see if the MAP readings are better, more tuning, but super cool.


07 Feb 09 Tach Drive
Set out to cut into an old Delco unit. All I need to do is weld a cap on, clean and paint.


Autosport Labs - Manufacturer of the kit I purchased.

Autosport Labs Forum - Megajolt Lite Jr Discussion Forum. - Manufacturer of 36-1 trigger wheels.

MegasquirtnSpark-extra EDIS mode - A list of the Ford EDIS6 parts I need to source.

Paul Tegler's EFI Spit6 - Paul has truly out done himself.

Josh Bowler's Spitfire - Josh pointed me in the right direction.

Dave Powell's Spitfire - Dave is just a bad influence on my GT6 :).

Nick Jones - Used the MS box to control his EFI and digital ignition. Very cool setup.