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DCP04907 * Tonights goal, remove the stud from the head. We've been trying to get his puppy out for weeks now. * 1152 x 864 * (296KB)
DCP04908 * It would appear the water channel is at fault, almost 40 years of being stuck is not easy to undo. * 1152 x 864 * (260KB)
DCP04909 * I welded the stud to this vice, but the stud broke. * 1152 x 864 * (253KB)
DCP04910 * Ok, fine I'll move onto other projects. * 1152 x 864 * (277KB)
DCP04911 * Removed the valve cover studs from E1 and installed them. I'll put the better cover on again shortly, did not want to damage it. * 1152 x 864 * (328KB)
DCP04912 * Intake removed for cleaning. I want to blast it clean. * 1152 x 864 * (259KB)
DCP04913 * SU carbs, I will have to clean them up for sure. I have a kit waiting for that job. I will also need order some new jets, to adjust for the K&N and exhaust system. * 1152 x 864 * (239KB)
DCP04914 * Old heater valve & spring which goes down into the intake. * 1152 x 864 * (218KB)
DCP04915 * So Bob came over and we tried the stud again. After an hour of heating with propane & then rapid cooling with water I welded a vice onto the stud again, same results no movement. As a last attempt we tired the nut cracker. * 1152 x 864 * (253KB)
DCP04917 * Well it worked. We figure it must of pinched the stud enough to loosen the seal, plus offered enough grip to start turning it loose. YEAH! * 1152 x 864 * (189KB)
IMG_7402 * Oh and thank you Livia for the Smurf family. They are simply awesome. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.3MB)
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