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DCP04813 * Inner wing repair. * 1152 x 864 * (758KB)
DCP04816 * That stupid wing nut shut down my work on Friday.
Saturday I took the garage apart to make sure I had not lost it.
But I was right, it had fallen inside the Mig. So I took it apart and got it back. * 1152 x 864 * (754KB)
DCP04817 * Welding went much better with the .23 wire. I'm finding the metal on the back is really thin.
So the smaller wire with a lower voltage is creating better results and a lot less blow throughs. * 1152 x 864 * (821KB)
DCP04819 * Pass side boot repair. * 1152 x 864 * (789KB)
DCP04820 * My metal skills suck, I'll admit it, but I'm trying. * 1152 x 864 * (806KB)
DCP04821 * Ah yeah same for my welding. But this side went on better then the other.
The .23 wire is easier to work with. I will have to do all the underside when the body is off the frame. * 1152 x 864 * (782KB)
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