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I created gt6.ca to share with the world the restoration of my Wedgwood Blue 1968 Triumph GT6 Mk1. I became a Triumph sports car owner in spring of 2001. In 2006 the GT6 returned to the road. It has taken years of hard work, but it has been worth it. This site contains technical notes and pictures of all the work I've done on my Triumph GT6 MK1. I make no promises that the information is correct. So use at your own risk.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Thank you.

Why Not Check Out My Race Car.

While the GT6 is sleeping why not tune into my vintage racing efforts while I upgrade my 1972 FIAT 124 Spider. Yes I realize its not a Triumph, but the exercises is still valid and a learning opportunity. Besides I could not find a Triumph in my price range.


GT6 Projects

MJLJ Digital Ignitions Project
Custom Ignition Mapping
Updated 07 Feb 2009

GT6 Remote Oil Filter
Perma Cool
Started 07 Dec 2008

GT6 Interior Refit
Safer Seats. 5Pt Harness.
Started 09 Feb 2009

Air Dam & Rad Shroud
Custom Metal Work
Completed Sept 2007

Oil Cooler Install
Mocal Oil Cooler
Completed Sept 2007


Custom Roll Bar Install
4 Point Solo Sprint Spec
Completed Nov 2006
5 Speed Conversion
Frontline T9 Transmission
Completed Nov 2006
High Back Race Seats
Safer Seats. 5Pt Harness.

GT6 2011/12/13/14/15 Work & Wish List

Install driver side half shaft, check clutch, install 38.9 diff, drain trans and put in new fluid, MJLJ tuning & adjust shift light settings, install alarm, install new interior with seats, trim and clean up throttle bracket & modify carb heat shield & ported intake.

News & Progress

14 Mar 2013 Has It Been That Long?
I guess I've let things slide a little around here. The GT6 has been really good about my racing habit. Actually with the Mazda traded in I have to say she'll see more action because I dearly miss driving a manual transmission car. I still have not done the interor job as I had hoped. It was a long hard winter for me but spring is coming and I will try again to get the car into a good state and enjoy her as much as possible.

- Intake, venting system, interiour upgrade, suspension changes and so on...

20 July 2011 Hello
So the GT6 and I got to spend some time working together. Oil cooler is back in, did an oil change, new silicon valve cover, new fuel pump and address the darn window thing. It felt really good to go on a nice small test run to check all the systems. Facet seems to perform well. More testing after I add gearoil to the trans and diff.

04 May 2011 Car Porn (jalopnik.com)
I was sitting back after supper on a wet afternoon when my tweetdeck feed came to life with a message from jalopnik.com. Car Porn: Your ridiculously cool Triumph GT6 wallpaper is here.
Made my day. Simply amazing.

2011 is 10 years of Triumph ownership!

My goodness has it been 10 years already? I'm going to be tweaking the website over the coming weeks and months with some lessons learned from the 124racer.com site. I plan to package all those great tips and jobs I've done to my GT6 over the last 10 years to provide a better resource to the Triumph public. Stay tune as I upgrade the site and bring more content. Pri #1 however for this year is drive the hell out of my GT6 because she saw hardly any street time in 2010.

17 April 2011 10 Years Of Triumph Ownership
Despite the cold. Despite being dirty. Despite the old fuel. Despite the old oil. Despite it all the GT6 and I did what we had to do. We went for a drive. Happy 10 years Smurf. Thank you my old friend. Same to all my friends for the help over the years and Laura for putting up with me.

11 March 2011 Garage Work.

So its been some time since I worked in the garage. Finally got in there and made some serious progress on the layout issues I've been having. Felt really good to be out there again. Plugged the GT6 in to charge up her battery. Should be able to fire her up soon pending the weather is better.

27 Feb 2011 Site Update.
Working on the new Photo Gallery updates and some sight upgrades.

16 Jan 2011 A New Year.
Well the poor GT6 did not see much road action in 2010. I knew the Fiat would consume a lot of my time (not to mention parenthood), but a sudden life change also sparked some addition work. The GT6 went into storage at the end of 2009, came out in April 2010, but went directly to my parents as we were busy selling the house. We moved out right after my June race at Mosport. We did not move into the new house till July so the 2 cars had to stay with my parents for a while. It was till early Aug that I managed to bring the fleet home. I did get out and drive her a few times, but then it snowed. So for 2011I want to fix a few minor issues, try to do the trim, but other wise I need to ensure I drive this great car of mine. Stay warm see you in May.

09 Apr 2010 Hello Spring.
Last weekend I brought the GT6 out of storage, but she did not come home. The GT6 will live at my parents for a few months till the crazy stuff ends. Nothing bad just super busy and do not have time to take care of the car. You'll see :).

26 Oct 09 And That's A Wrap.

All too soon, but was a timing thing. The GT6 served me very well in 2009. No issues. I never got to the interior install, but I'll try for 2010. Over the winter I'll be busy with the other car, but looking forward to Spring with the GT6. I will try and get the trim installed and I want to relax the suspension. Enjoy the GT as a Grand Touring beast. The MJLJ stuff rocked. I never even tuned it. See you in 2010.

12 June 09 Cats Out Of The Bag.

I guess its time to make it public. Last week I brought home a vintage race car. I'm the new owner of a 1972 FIAT 124 Spider Vintage Racer. Now before anyone gets all upset and mean. I want to make it clean The GT6 is my baby. In fact the FIAT has improved things for the GT6. I can relax and enjoy her. There is no longer a need to make the GT6 in to a racer. I can finally just run her as a very well done Grand Touring Triumph. The FIAT will get worked up over the winter and my goal is to race at Mosport in June 2010.

the light install in the garage today. Replaced two old banks and added a 3rd over the outer wall shelf set. They really make a punch. Whole garage is nice and bright. Well worth the install

30 May 09 Let There Be Light.

Finished off the light install in the garage today. Replaced two old banks and added a 3rd over the outer wall shelf set. They really make a punch. Whole garage is nice and bright. Well worth the install

19 May 09 - I Bought A Race Car!
Yes. I bought a race car. IT'S NOT A TRIUMPH!!!

17 May 09 - May Long Weekend Update.

First on the 15th my lovely wife and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. Laura has been my #1 supporter and a super understanding wife. Thank you baby. Today I finally resolved the leaking oil issue for the spin on setup. I think/hope. I pulled the spin on, hoses and filter off. I swapped out the inner seal with another one and then cleaned the outer filter. I did find some crap along the bottom of the seal. Put it all back and no leaks. Tightened up the oil pan as well. I will run the system like it was last year. K&N on the spin on. Will go back to the remote stuff later. Dropped in the floor mats, wash bottle screw and washer jets. OH AND YES... There is something in the works... race car???

05 May 09 - Maybe She Will Do The Run.

So tonight was a mild success. Laura let me out at 630 and by 930 I had welded the remote oil filter on without removing the rad. So all those projects are on hold. Plan now is t put her back together, check the fluids and drive.

04 May 09 - Off The Road.
Well it started out innocent enough. Was trying to install the remote oil filter mount, but was not happy with my JB weld job. So off came the alt and now I have a to-do list. I won't be making the OVTC run this weekend.

Drain & remove rad.
Remove carbs, lines & links.
Remove heater valve & hoses
Remove Intake.
Remove fan.
Clean trigger wheel welds and paint.
Clean water pump pulley and paint.
Paint EDIS sensor mount.
Paint rad shroud.
Grind, clean and prep frame for welding.
Weld remote oil filter mount to frame.
Paint and clean frame.
Clean and install ported intake.
Modify and install SU carb heat shield.
Clean and reinstall SU 1.75" carbs.
Cut and paint throttle cable bracket.
Wire loom EDIS sensor and MAP hose.
Reinstall heater valve and hoses.
Locktite oil pan bolts. Hunt for that silly leak.
Reinstall fan, rad, alt and so on.
Install oil cooler and remote oil system.
Change oil and drive.

18 Apr 09 - Visted Steve in Vegas.

While workong in Las Vegas I had a change to meet with Steve Smith. I had a really good chance to listen to the man. Spent a good deal of time looking over his 2 GT6's. One thing I noted with a cage it might be interesting getting in and out safely. Steve told me I might be better off looking an open top Spitfire or TR.

10-11 & 13 Apr 09 - Easter Weekend Work.

I've been using my time off during the long Easter weekend well. On the 10th I installed the electronic gauge, fitted an inline filter on the MAP hose and tested location for the remote oil filter. For the 11th I finished off the passenger seat frame paint job, filled in the cap on the old dizzy and installed the low back seat so I could drive. I went around the block once, car seems to run well, but I have more work to do.

07 Apr 09 - New Oil Filter.

A new K&N HP-3001 filter for the remote oil filter system.

07 Mar 09 - Seat Peeling.

It was a wonderful March day outside today. +8 with lots of sunshine, so while James slept I got busy and did some work on the GT6. Started in on the seats. Nasty stuff, but the sooner I strip them down the sooner I can wire wheel and paint them. Shoulder is healing up. Its now more a muscle issue with my left arm so that's positive.

24 Feb 09 - Touch week.
Last Sunday I skipped a few steps coming down the stairs. The resulting physical damage has been a less then amusing reminder that I'm not 20 anymore. Strained my left arm rotator cup. Nasty crappy stuff. I'm on med for 2 weeks with ice treatment. If that fails its physio. Great. Too add to my grumpiness, windshield on the Mazda cracked and I have a hacking cough that makes me sound like a dying horse or something. Doc told me that will most likely go on for 2-3 week. GRRRR... Anyhow I will endeavour to heal fast so I can move forward with the GT6. I want her ready for May even if that means not getting to the rear end work or some of the stuff up front. Oh and I will be switch too Royal Purple lubes shortly for the GT6.

13 Feb 09 - Matching Blues.

In case your wondering. The new shadow blue matches the old stuff pretty good. I grabbed an old piece and tested it with a new piece.

09 Feb 09 - Interior Kit Arrives.

Laura called me to let me know my kit had arrived. She told me its an early 10th anniversary gift. Sweet. So far I'm super impressed with the quality. For now I've stored the stuff away till I get through the other items on my check list.

08 Feb 09 - Tach Drive.

Got the GT6 out of the garage for a 15min idle session. She fired right up with the MJLJ stuff. Set the rev limit back up to 5500 and then tested the new tack drive. I need a brass bushing to keep the shaft from running up. So I'll find the right size shortly and weld a cap onto the dizzy.

07 Feb 09 - Diff 3.89 & Tach Drive.

My new diff from Scott in the US showed up this week. Looks good. I will check it out spec wise shortly. Then I lopped the top off an old Delco distributor.

30 Jan 09 - Happy 41st Birthday GT6.
According to the British Motor Industry Heritage Certificate my GT6 is 41 years old today. I had hoped to take her out for a engine run today, buts its snowing again.

27 Jan 09 - 2009 Work Orders.
So here is a list of things I will complete this year for the GT6.

- Interior, I will have to install the freshly ordered kit from Newton.

- Complete the MJLJ install, that's just fiddling and cleaning. I also will have to cut and fiddle with an old distributor. It will be used to drive the tach.

- Alter and install the heat shield I received from Joe and also the ported intake for the Mk1 head.

- I will install the replacement driver side rear half shaft and have a 3.89 diff coming to me in the mail.

- Also have to install the remote oil filter. :)

22 Jan 09 - Hello!
Hope you've had a chance to look at the MJLJ stuff. It works. I've ordered my interior kit from Newton in the UK. Not a cheap prospect, but pretty well the last big purchase on the GT6. From this point I have a narrow minded goal to get into vintage racing. I will enjoy the GT6 as a street toy, but no more funding. :)

01 Jan 09 - Welcome to 2009.
This year should be very exciting. I plan to finish off the MJLJ install, do the remote oil filter, replace the driver rear 1/2 shaft, install the ported intake with carb heat shield and most important from an appearance I hope to be very shortly ordering an interior kit from Newton in the UK. I've looked high and low locally for a Shadow blue source, but no bananas. House keeping note. I'm going to leave the 2008 News & progress below, makes for a better read. So hoping to make the most out of the next few months and have a monster ready for the 09 driving season.

GT6 2009 Work List.

-Distributor mod (started)
-MJLJ/EDIS clean up (started)
-MAP restriction (started too cold outside)
-Shift light mount in radio pod
-Alarm install

-Rust protection
-Seal leaks
-Seats (tear down started)
-Diff test & swap
-1/2 shafts
-Carb ported intake swap
-Carb linkage clean up
-Carb heat shield mod & install
-Drive her


Cheers everyone, I hope you have a very safe and enjoyable holiday season. More fun and Triumph success in 2009.

11 Dec 08 - Video from Andy Stark.
Oh baby, that car sounds amazing. Video of Andy Starks MK3 GT6 Racer.

07 Dec 08 - End Of Season.
Well have a look at the 2008 Gallery, had some fun this yr. Just orded a remote oil filter kit from Jegs, follow the GT6 Remote Oil Filter project. Did the oil change over the weekend and that is what sort of spurred on the filter relocation project. Just got sick of dealing with the cooler and filter fighting when ever I wanted to change the filter. Now I should be able to run a longer filter too. More to come.

A few videos.

04 Nov 08 - Carb Gasket Fixes Idle.
Yes, I put a gasket between the intake manifold and the TT HS6 plates. Suddenly no more crazy rev + choke, she idles at 1K wow. More tuning to come. I richened the back bank by 1 nut turn, plus seemed too grey.

21 Oct 08 - Classic Motorsports Magzine Front Page.
Yeah, click to view.

19 Oct 08 - Faddy Seats Sold.
Took a bath, but I sold the fibreglass seats. They went to a Mazda Miata owner.

18 Oct 08 - Season Going Fast.

Yeah the fall drive has not happened yet, but today I sorted the throttle and choke cables. The throttle was fixed by making a new bracket that put the cable drop right over top of the linkage on the carb. Much better! For the choke, I cut the cable down and re-routed, now I can get full choke with the bonnet down. I went for a run, but I think I will have to retune the carbs.

04 Oct 08 - Back & Alive.

After the Glen run, the GT6 would not run nicely, finally today I had a chance to get outside and work on the issue, it was the exhaust manifold. I was under the bonnet reving it manually when I saw the exhaust smoke, so I tightened them all up and she was much better. I will still pour over all the car and do my post Glen check.

On the trim, I've been talking to Tim in TO. He does nice int trims, but at this time can't do my shadow blue. Shall think about this. Black? I'm going to keep taking apart the pass side seat, so I put the stock blue into the right side. Kinda scary with the roll bar. Over the winter, I want to do carpets and trim. God, I should wash the car too.

04 Oct 08 - Hello Did You Miss Me?
Well late last week the server cooked off the power supply taking out the hard dirve, luckly I had a ps on in a old box and my dad passed me a free hard drive. So it did take me a few days of late nights to get the server's new OS to work. I think everything is back in order. I'll put the server back into the rack after the weekend.

12 Sept 08 - GT6 NOT FOR SALE.
Well after a week of positive support from around the world, solid advice from veterans like Kas and Steve and most important, Laura. She is keeping me grounded a logical. Racing is like a drug for me. I get so excited. Now a new game plan.

- The GT6 will become a vintage racer, but over the next 10 yrs.

- I will consider some autocross and track day events when I feel the GT6 is ready

- The GT6 will continue will to be developed in this manner.

- If I find a racer in the future and I can house it, then I'll adjust my plans.

So there you have it folks. Been working on my seats, I have a friend who is going to do a new vinyl, so I was trying to strip down a high back seat, good lord. This will take time. Other issue we're having can't source the blue, I told Tim there is no rush, driving season is almost over. I installed those fibreglass seats, but damn they just wont work for me. So they will be up for sale, boo.

I will have to get the GT6 seats back in for Tuesday's club meeting. I have noted she is not 100% I wonder if I got some bad fuel on the run back from the Glen, we shall see.

12 Sept 08 - GT6 FOR SALE.
Looking for a TR4 Racer.

10 Sept 08 - The Glen.
I love the place, I had so much fun. Pictures are online. GT6 is for sale, I want a TR4 racer.

31 Aug 08 - Updates.
So some progress this weekend, I hooked up the air vents to the dash top in case I run into fog during the road trip, I also have been adjusting the throttle linkage. It is getting better. I changed the angle at the carbs and then drilled a new hole on the firewall. I see some flex in the metal on the firewall so I'll put in a plate after the trip. Car seems to be idling better, but I do think a new fuel pump and regulator will be needed. More tuning to come.

Still have to do some more work. Added topping off the diff to the list.

- Adjust rear drums
- Top diff off.

- Clean.

- Wash & Wax

Final Details
- Prep for long distance camping trip. YEAH BABY.

28 Aug 08 - Updates.
Don't use small PVC valves on your valve vent eh, too restrictive. Made a mess on the drive way.

- Adjust front carb rich by 1 tab. Done. Still fiddling.
- Adjust both floats to correct idle issues. Done, they don't adjust.
- Clean K&N Air filters. Done. Need a bolt.

- Cap fuel pump crank vent. Done.
- Replace valve cover PVC system. Done.
- Adjust throttle linkage. Done.

-Adjust rear drums.

- Seal transmission tunnel. Done, metal tape and screws.
- Clean.
- Carpets.

- Wash & Wax

Final Details
- Prep for long distance camping trip. YEAH BABY.

25 Aug 08 - Real Wrench Night.
Well can't say I've done that in a while. Tonight I put James to bed, kissed Laura and then headed into the garage to do some serious work on the GT6. The big job tonight was to cap the crank vent I made last year. The port taken off the fuel pump location simply pumped out too much oil. Now I had wanted to make a new plate and get rid of the hose and oil catch can, but quickly discovered I had to aluminium and all my metal stock was far too thick to cut. So I got creative. I made a sandwich plate out of tin, cleaned and painted everything up and put the original plate, the tin and a gasket back on the block. This should do the trick for now. I also spent the time and painted the oil catch can in cast iron grey like the block. I took the time to adjust the cable linkage to the throttle, it was binding a touch, but most of it is the springs on the carbs, still a little smoother now, but I'm not done. I've also replaced the old pvc valve cover piece with a modern bit. Everything will get buttoned up tomorrow night. Speaking of, I'm going to forego the Triumph meeting and keep tuning, my list is rather lengthy.

- Adjust front carb rich by 1 tab.
- Adjust both floats to correct idle issues.
- Clean K&N Air filters.

- Cap fuel pump crank vent. Done.
- Replace valve cover PVC system. Done.
- Adjust throttle linkage. Done.

-Adjust rear drums.

- Seal transmission tunnel.
- Clean.
- Carpets.

- Wash & Wax

Final Details
- Prep for long distance camping trip. YEAH BABY.

20 Aug 08 - GT6 @ Vintage Wings.

Had a chance to pose the GT6 side the Spitfire from Vintage Wings.

19 Aug 08 - Milk Run.
Yep, I used the GT6 for a milk run tonight, but what the hey. A nice excuse to go for a cruise and stretch the GT6's legs.

17 Aug 08 - Vintage Racing Sedan.
So if I were to get into vintage racing, what sedan would it be?

17 Aug 08 - Blah.
Sunday and a weekend have past by with no Triumph fun, James was sick all weekend and its taken its toll on the parents. This coming week I will have to start prepping for the big road trip.

02 Aug 08 - Actually Went For A Drive.
Yeah Saturday afternoon, James was napping and I had nothing to do. So rang up Mike and we went for a spin. Yes it did rain, joy. Mike took some time behind the wheel and confirmed my impressions. The new SU carbs have really transformed this car, they have balanced the engine and there is no lack of pull, the 6 simple will keep accelerating at will. We check plugs 2 & 5 and they look great, infact we will richen the front bank by 1 notch on the carb, back one is perfect. I still have to sort the linkage a touch, adjust the floats and the blanking plate. Other wise super nice run.

29 July 08 - Garage Lighting.

Put up another light in the garage, this summer is turning into a hard one, just can't find time to do anything. Busy right up to 8PM at night, so unless I get out after James is in bed, nothing gets done. Oh well.

29 July 08 - Glen Ticket Order.

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association - US Vintage Grand Prix Sunday, September 07, 2008. I ordered my ticket last night. This year its all about the Triumphs, so I figured it would be a good time to go. It will be a 6+ hour run to Watkins Glen, but the GT6 did the Mosport run with no issue. I will say this Mosport is a bargain so it will remain my annual get away.

28 July 08 - OPPS, Broken
I broke the 2008 and 2001 galleries, they will return after work.

27 July 08 - 2001 Gallery Upgraded.

Upgraded the 2001 gallery to the same standard as the current galleries. I did change the dir structure so if you've linked to the 01 images, well the links need to be refreshed.

13 July 08 - 4th ABCD Show.

Great show this year for the Ottawa All British Car Day. NO RAIN. Well not until I was driving home at 10PM, now that was fun. Watching out for bad drivers and Triumph swallowing puddles :), the high light of the show for me was when James showed up. We managed to capture a great shot of James and I with the GT6. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and hearing how they enjoyed the GT6 or owned one in their past.

05 July 08 - Right.
So I have a few jobs to do to the GT6 before the ABCD show. I've been having a lot of chats with Vintage racers. After witnessing the Mosport crash I was shook up. Really bad. All I could think of was leaving Laura and James with no husband or father. Then someone pointed out to me, I just drove 700KM in my GT6 and anything could have happened along the trip. So Laura and I talked. The vintage racer dream is not dead. It will take time to develop. We don't have the resources to sustain the idea right now, but at least for the first time Laura is willing to entertain the dream. Even if I don't make it, at least its not dead. Not sure what car I will end up with, frankly that does not matter. If I can find a GT6 of course I'd race it. Not sure what will happen with the MK1, but at this point. I'm not going to put anymore money into her. No interior. I'm stuffing my piggy back to build my racing dream. Stay tuned eh, hunting for a race car, might sell the GT6.

29 June 08 - Post Mosport Report.
Its been a few days since I got back from Mosport, out side the tragic accident it was a good weekend. I was able to stay in Don's RV which made camping easy. I'm a little tall for the bunk, but whatever. I have uploaded the raw photo collection. You see them at http://www.gt6.ca/mosport/. The GT6 ran well, total of 700KM. Full wise I used a tank of gas for the trip. At one point, 200km on a 1/4 tank (9 litres) I was very pleased with the new carbs. I did have 1 issue. The crank vent was pushing oil out, I will address that before my next run.

Mike and I went out for what was supposed to be a low lever shake down run, but it quickly turned into an engine work out. Mike verified the new SU 1.75" carbs are working so much better then the old SU's. So much more torque, the shake I had over 4000RPM is gone. We now think the old carbs were choking the engine out at the top end. Now she'll pull up hill in 5th gear with no issues at all, stupid quick acceleration. I'm so happy and I've not even done the JOLT project. A few jobs to do; exhaust rattle, choke sync and need to adjust the floats. I was shooting flames out the tail : ) and getting surges at idle. The plugs look great, maybe a little lean, we'll do a colourtune test soon. So I drove my GT6 for the first time since fall 2007. ROCK ON.

04 June 08 - HOLY ROCKET SHIP.
Yeah I went out for a tank of gas. Sweet thundering exhaust, the GT6 is a new beast. I can't wait to get the JOLT working now, I had to hold myself back. Still in the wake up phase and i need to sort out a few issues, but the power... DAMN, I kept spinning the rear end.

03 June 08 - It was too lean.
Been working with the carbs, turned out I had them set too lean. So progress, might be driving by this weekend. We shall see. BTW after that miserable oil change last week, I'm pleased to report the K&N Filter with anti drain valve is worth the extra cost. Pressure is right there everything.

01 June 08 - Hello June. Have you seen my driving season?
If you've been watching the pictures, you'll notice the GT6 has not turned a wheel under its own power. Had to re-torque the head, fix a blown exhaust gasket, put the car back together, figure out a fuel pump issue and now I'm sorting a carb issue. On the pump, always always check the power :), on the carbs I'll look for air leaks. I really hope she's ready for Mosport.

20 Apr 08 - Linkage Install.

Well frag doing a throttle linkage change is a serious bit of change. Just removing the solid shaft required me to remove the battery, cooling lines, starter cable, tach, oil gauge line, valve cover and so on. Then tug and hauled, but finally got the shaft out. It was nice to just enjoy myself outside.

20 Apr 08 - April 17th 2008 7 Years Of GT6 Bliss.
A few days late, but as customary a graphic to celebrate the history. This year is a year of development.

19 Apr 08 - Back From Vegas
So, back from my work trip. Today I actually got outside for a quick session with the GT6, I hope to start the engine on Sunday. At which point I will capture a picture to mark my 7th year of ownership which happened on the 17th of April while I was away. So many things to do to wake the GT6 up for spring.

1. Carb and throttle cable conversion.

2. K&N Air filter mods to work with the 1.75" intakes.

3. Oil change, upgrading to a K&N oil filter.

3. Cooling system, switching from the 180 to 160 stat.

4. Oil catch can improvements, adding a pvc valve and fixing the block nipple.

5. Seats when they arrive & belts install.

6. MJLJ - EDIS install & alarm.

7. 1/2 shafts.

8. The world.

05 Apr 08 - Happy Birthday James.
My little boy is 2 years old today. I've learned so much as a daddy, he's grown so much. I find it fascinating, I've lost time for the GT6, but gained so much more. No great lost as far as I'm concerned. Just enjoying life and taking it all in. It's actually been a really hard work week, so having fun and watching James in his glory today made me really happy. Laura and I are both looking at our options. More to follow.

05 Apr 08 - SU 1.75" Install Part 1.

Installed them on the plates. No mods to the manifolds at this time. I had to grind down the throttle shaft due to it being too long, but that took a few sec. I used a combo of bolts and studs to mount the carbs. Ideal would have been bolts, but with the plates changed everything. I'll do the fuel lines and see if I can start the GT6 up this weekend.

11 Mar 08 - Triple Warneford Manifold Arrives.

Postman dropped off my ebay order. That was surprisingly fast. Even better no taxes or duty. Makes me a happy man. I took some side by side shots of the triple intake ver to the stock one. Peter did send me photo of his bonnet, he had to make a bulge for the triple setup, I'm thinking TR4 tear drop or something, we shall see.

10 Mar 08 - SU 1.75 Adaptor Plates.

Postman dropped off my new SU 1.5 to 1.75 adaptor plates. These will let me transition to the GT6 intake a little better, I may still have to do some grinding on the intake, but this should help make the job a little easier. Frankly I may just slap them on so I can get the car running again.

04 Mar 08 - Bought Something!

For just the sake of looking tonight I popped onto ebay and discovered a Triumph GT6 MK1 Warnerford Triple Weber DCOE Dellorto manifold was up for auction, it had a few bids on it, but still a buy it now. Done, paid for and about to be shipped. Turns out I know the seller, he has a really nice MK1 GT6, but its now sporting a MK2 power plant. Before I bought the intake I consulted Laura, Kas and David Sideways. Laura was a little confused as she had bought me the SU's for XMAS. I explained I would run them regardless because I need to save up for 3 new carbs. Kas said it was a good purchase and since I will never race the GT6 a fun project, he still thinks my big SU's will be better, but I'll hold on to them for future plans. Worst case Kas said I could turn around and sell the Triple manifold and make a profit. David told me the manifold will be good and when I'm ready he'll build me a really amazing set of Dellorto's. So no seats or int for 2008 for sure, I figure by next winter I'll be swapping over from the SU's to the Triple! Really this is a nice price, I've owned the GT6 for 7 years now and have only seen a MK1 manifold once on ebay. I'll let everyone know when the new piece arrives. Maybe I'll mount it on the wall in the basement :) Anyone want to buy some really nice SU's?

23 Feb 08 - SU 1 3/4" (HS6) Test Fit.

Well for the first time in 2008, the GT6 saw some serious love. Went out and removed the old SU's and test fitted the new ones. Looks good, but lots of work to come. I'll have to setup a page shortly to cover the upgrade.

23 Feb 08 - BLOG DITCHED.
So, I tried it... It bugged me. So back to the way I love it, old fashion HTML. I'm going to move the inputs from the blog back here.

21 Jan 08 - Bumper or Bumperless?
Been thinking about this for a bit.
Pro, they do protect the body and provide a nice way to push the car.
Con, ugly and weigh a lot. Roy's GT6 without bumpers. Damn nice.

21 Jan 08 - Damn Its Cold.
Nasty nippy cold out this morning.
I was only out for a bit, but that was enough.
There is no way I will be retiring in Ottawa!

20 Jan 08 - Latest Distraction.
So, for the next month I'm going to be working on a renovation for Laura.
Doing a laundry room.
The plan is to install 2 new walls, custom shelving and drywall the place. Should be easy enough to deal with, just figure it will take a month.
Once that's done, I will start on the GT6. So much to do :)I'm impressed the Mazda can easily move 15 pieces of 2x4.

20 Jan 08 - Wood.
Well I'm impressed the Mazda can easily move 15 pieces of 2x4.
I figure the laundry room reno will take me a month.
So I hope to be done by the end of Feb and get to work on the GT6 in March.

20 Jan 08 - Frack That Its Cold Out.
Plan B, will pick up the lumber on Monday.
Too damn cold out.
Back to playing with James.

20 Jan 08 - Opps.
I was working on the server and removed the wrong package.
So over night the web services failed. Had to grab a DVD Rom from my PC to reload the server.
Oh well. Off to grab some wood from Home Depot to do the basement reno...
So much fun. I know the old Cavalier could haul 24 pieces of 2x4x8, but I think the Mazda will not take as much.

19 Jan 08 - Sleeping GT6.

Went out into the garage tonight to visit my GT6.
God I miss working on the car, but its cold,
I'm busy and well I only work on the GT6 when I can enjoy myself.
Projects this spring.
-Carbs SU 1 3/4"
-Throttle cable drive
-Intake mods
-Oil Catch and breather system
-Fuel pump and regulator
-EDIS install
-Water pump work
-Valve tuning
-Carpets and vinyl work, black
-Seat, I want Dave's seats.

18 Jan 08 - BLOG.
Going to try something new and interesting. A BLOG... http://blog.gt6.ca/. Not sure how its going to go, but seems to work for everyone else. Using blogger.com, but through the wonder Google Apps setup, I've enable the url to show up on my site and I've also enable their email system and I now have email with gt6.ca and I don't have to manage the spam filtering either, I plan on migrating justdrive.ca over as well yippee. The skinny of it is my server will now simple host pictures and web files.

11 Jan 08 - 2008 Action Plan.
Yawn, its been a hella of a week for Laura and I. The little guy has been suffering from a cold and I'm feeling the effects. Thank god we have parental days the GP (Grand Parent) Super Force near by, still I'm wiped from this week. Ok onto the GT6 action plan. I figure by March I'll be ready to go into full action.

1. Install new SU carbs, will require some new plumbing, work to the intake manifold at which time I'll re-torque the head. I will have to go to the cable drive system on the throttle pedal. Plan on moving it closer to brake pedal to help my leg clear the radio pod. While that is on going, I will modify the tunnel for easy access to the transmission & try a better run for the speedo. The fuel pump may have to be swapped we shall see.

2. MJLJ Install, this will require the cooling system to be removed, mount the timing wheel and sensor. Wiring and programming. That time I will replace the water pump and heater valve. Both are wrong for my car.

3. Suspension, replace the driver rear shaft. Replace both rear brake cylinders. New shims up front.

4. Rear clean up, I want to pull the tank while there is no fuel in there. I get a water leak when I wash the car, so I want to make sure nothing has developed back there and fix the leaks which I suspect is the lights.

Only big purchase I see this yr, new 5 point harness seats. The int might get done over the 2009 winter. Other wise it can wait. Only other possible thing I see will be a fuel pump, fuel pressure gauge and regulator.

Will try and be a good boy this yr :) Fat chance!

08 Jan 08 - SU 1 3/4" (HS6) Carbs.
The 2nd carb arrived today, its here its here its here. I was home today taking care of my sick little boy James when the Post man showed up with my front carb, $48 later (Canada Customs did not read the label and charged me $10 in duty) my carb set were reunited as a pair. Pictures. Very happy, thanks Andrew and Carole. I'm sure I'll have a few email questions still to come. The carbs were my XMAS gift from Laura. My wife rocks.

05 Jan 08 - News & Updates.
Got an email on the 24th of Dec, my 2nd carb showed up back in the UK, shades of the OIL COOLER fun, anyhow its back on its merry way, hope it makes it to me next week. Then I will start on the car probably in March when it starts to get warm again. Lots of cold days and snow so far this winter.


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